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Bao and his son

来  源:黄金城登录      作  者:创始人    日  期:2020-07-12    

    Bao and his son


                       Zhang Tianyi



  It's still so cold。It is more than half a month before the New Year, but I heard that those foreign schools will open soon。

  这就是说,Bao Guowei在家里年也不过地就得去上学!公馆里许多人都不相信这回事。But Hu dropped the greasy kitchen knife on the cutting board and wiped his hands with the body cloth——Extend the middle finger, the other four fingers in the air to pick a few:That's what I'm telling you。If you don't believe me, ask Bao: He told me。He also said that he was afraid that he would not have enough money and would ask me to borrow money。Everyone treated it as if it were one thing and went to the old bale room。

  “What, are you guys going to school?”“唔,Old Bao touched a couple of two-minute gray beards on his chin。

  “Why don't you just go to the study?”“It's not a New Year. It's a new school. It's……”“Foreign schools never grow old, I know。Out of the foreign school is the foreign master, to be a big official。Many eyes were fixed on that square table: Bao Guowei was working on this table。A row of colorful books。Some foreign paper books。墨盒。洋笔。A small bottle: Ma Li saw Bao Guowei dip in this bottle of wine and write。

  A picture of Bao Guowei: shiny hair, a pair of eyes——Love to laugh or not laugh。Or tell you that this is the son of Bao, you must be sure that he is someone's big master。

  Don't look at Bao with such a pointed chin, that wrinkled face, he must be lucky——Such a good son。

  But Bao himself is better than the others: he has served in this house for thirty years, and everyone trusts him。Mrs. Master, they do not live in the house all year round, and the key is in the hand of the old bag。现在公馆里这些做客的姑太太,舅老爷,表少爷,也待老包客气,过年过节什么的——The reward is $3.50。

  “Bao will do this in the future,Hu Da thumbs up。

  Bao smiled。But at once, struggling to suppress the happiness in his stomach, he shook his head and breathed softly:Where to talk about this。I just want to talk like a man。不过——Well, tuition is not easy, tuition。Said to look at Hu Da: see if he understands学费What is it?。

  “学费Never mind it。But why do you have to go to school during the New Year?That afternoon, Bao Guowei's achievement report was sent。


Old Bag carefully opened the drawer, took out the reading glasses and put them on, slowly read。He looked at the envelope for a long time as if he were studying something great。Two thin purple-black lips opened and closed, and he read from the place name above, until he read省立××Middle school high school

  “Dew, seal, hang, number,He rubbed his chin。露,封,……”他仿佛还嫌信封上的字太少太不够念似的,抬起脸来对天花板愣了会儿,才抽出信封里的东西。

  The sky was overcast with clouds, and the day was as dark as evening。Old Bao walked to the window, took off the glasses to look at the day, and then put up to read the report card。His hand trembled slightly, and the pieces of paper in his hand were like water blown by the wind。

  There are five on the report card。Only one- What is that体育

  Mimeographed on a piece of stationery was a secret message: Tell him that Bao Guowei would have to repeat a grade this semester。

  Bao read the two pieces of paper for more than twenty minutes。

  “What is this??As soon as Hu Da walked in, he put his head to the edge of the paper。

  “From the school。……Don't make a noise. Don't make a noise。There's one more. Payment slip。The old man opened his eyes much wider。He wanted to read the paper at once, but he couldn't read it。那纸上印着一条条格子,挤着些小字,他老把第一行的上半格接上了第二行的下半格。

  “Tuition fee: four yuan。Lecture fee: sixteen yuan。……Loss reserve:……Library Fees:………………”He read it a second time, line by line with his fingernails。He grunted in his throat, mixed with phlegm。After reading a line, look at the sky。

  “Uniform money!……Uniform fee: two————Twenty yuan。……General division————All expenses except board and lodging……”Look at the sky。Look at Hu Da.。Unconvinced, he repeated the sentences again, but there was no ambiguity in the words——One by one, as if carved in stone, sunk into the paper。He stared at Hu Da's face: the whole body seemed to have——I don't know if it was hot or cold, but it seemed to jump into a bucket of water。

  “Uniform money!”“什么?Hu was surprised。

  “唔,唔。唵。A uniform is a fucking suit. He knows that。We did it the first half of the year?He had calculated a total of $31。

  But when you add 20 bucks to the uniform, it's……突然——Pounds!Who kicked the door open and smashed it against the wall



It bounced back。

  The two men in the room got a big fright。A moment later——A young man stepped into the room。We knew his face: it was the face in the picture on the table, but the hair was not so shiny。

  Hu Da patted his chest and smiled:Oh, yo, surprise me. Come to school?That one has no words, only fat Hu big glance。接着把眉毛那么一扬,额上就显了几条横皱,眼睛扫到了他老子手里的东西。


  Hu Da went out quietly。

  The old man took off his glasses and looked at Bao Guowei, holding three pieces of paper to show him。

  Bao Guowei还是原来那姿势:两手插在裤袋里,那件自由呢的棉袍就短了好一截。象是因为衣领太高,那脖子就有点不能够随意转动,他只掉过小半张脸来瞅了一下。

  “哼。With the corners of his mouth bent down, he stepped indiscriminately over to the square table。他走起路来象个运动员,踏一步,他胸脯连着脑袋都得往前面摆一下,仿佛老是在跟别人打招呼似的。

  Bao looked at his son's back:Why do you have to repeat a grade?”“Guo Chun also repeated the grade。The young man did not turn his face back, only put his stomach against the edge of the table。He pushed himself forward, and the square table cooed。

  Old Bao gently asked:I thought you were held back twice?No answer. The other one just snorted in his nostrils。Then he fell down on the wicker chair beside the table, with his knees resting on the edge of the table and his legs swinging。他用右手抹了一下头发,就随便抽下一本花花绿绿的书来:《黄金城登录》。


  The room was a little darker than before。In the underground brick cracks in the cold air, the old bag two feet as if stepping in cold water。

  Bao put his glasses in the drawer of the table and cautiously said:You've already been held back twice. Why……”“He likes it!"Cried Bao Guowei。什么He was held back twice!He's staying!If he wants to stay, I don't know!A burst of leather shoes outside: a listen to know that this is the watch young master。

  Bao Guowei把眉毛扬着瞧着房门,表少爷象故意要表示他有双硬底皮鞋,把步子很重地


Step, bang like a sound, a long way away。Bao Guowei's shins swung violently, and his feet seemed to be quite unconvinced——He was wearing only a pair of rubber soled shoes。

  老头有许多话要跟Bao Guowei说,可是别人眼睛盯到了书上:别打断他的用功。

  Bao Guowei lowered his knee from the edge of the table and then raised it again。He read "I Still Pity" slowly in his stomach, pausing for a second or two even at a punctuation point。Sometimes he stole a glance at the mirror and ran his hands through his hair。He's got a good face, but his mouth is a little flat。As long as he became a basketball player, then like Guo Chun so——Put on a suit, Ahn Sook is not afraid of not getting started。Anshu really said to those girls:Who said Bao Guowei looks like a gangster?!It's beautiful.。So he went to the park with her and went to the movies。他自己就得把西装穿得笔挺的,头发涂着油,涂着蜡,一只手抓着安淑真的手,一只手抹抹头。……He slammed "I See Pity" and brushed his hair。

  It was easy to wait until Bao Guowei dropped the book。

  “这个——This this——That uniform fee,……”Nobody paid him any attention, so he stopped for a moment。He rubbed his chin for three minutes。于是他咳一声扫清嗓子里的痰,一板一眼他说着缴学费的事,生怕一个不留神就会说错似的。他的意思认为去年做的制服还是崭新的,把这理由对先生说一说,这回可以少缴这意外的二十块钱。不然——“Or you pay $50 and a half。This is fifty and a half——Now only——只有——Dai Seven's money hasn't been paid back, this time add another 20……You gotta buy some books. You gotta……停停。He touched his chin, and went on in his own voice:It was made last year. It still looks like new. Put it on。When you pay the bill, you will always pay less……少缴……”Bao Guowei jumped up。

  “You pay it! You pay it!I'm not happy to intercede!——How shabby he looks!Old Bao is satisfied with this reply, he dots his head:Well, I'll pay it in。缴到——缴到——Uh, Citizens Bank。His son gave him a sideways look。He kept talking to himself。

  The Citizens Bank is on West Street?


  Old Bao hit the citizens Bank to go to the school。He put his hand in his pocket and clutched the roll of banknotes。

  The people at the bank don't talk to him。Count the bills:Twenty less!”“Sir, Bao Guowei's clothes are still new. These 20……”“We collect it for the school. It's no use telling me。He returned the money, went to pick up the fee。


There was a room full of paying customers, all of whom were in their twenties like Bao Guowei。They listened to the old man say操衣"And he laughed。

  “操衣!”“Who's this old man paying for?”“Bao Guowei,A man in a hair cap glanced at the bill。

  “Bao Guowei?The old man greeted them with a wry smile, and then he told others——Bao Guowei did the first half of the aerobics: that set of aerobics is still very beautiful to wear。

  “But now it has to be paid. Now。Did you all pay in?The group of lads smiled you look at me, I look at you, no one answered。

  Bao looked around for a moment and then came out: fifty or sixty pairs of eyes were watching him。

  “Why pay it in the bank?He thought grimly。

  There are still clouds in the sky. Maybe it will snow。Where the clouds are thin, you can faintly see the blue color。Sometimes the road is also marked by a faint shadow of the sun。

  老包走不快,可是踏得很吃力:他觉得身上那件油腻腻的破棉袍有几十斤重。The wet inside of his cotton shoes made his feet uncomfortable。鞋帮上虽然破了一个洞,可也不能透出点儿脚汗:这双棉鞋在他脚汗里泡过了三个冬天。

  He wondered what to say to the gentlemen in the school, what to say。He needs to talk some sense into them, say some nice things。

  Sir Is not as heartless as the people in the bank。

  The old bag walked faster, and the stitching on the sleeves rubbed harder against the robe。

  But as soon as he reached the school registry, he didn't know what to do。

  The office is as lonely as a temple。A row of wooden balustrades ran across the middle of the room, and the tables inside were empty。There was only one gentleman napping, a big fat body propped up on the table, snoring。

  “Sir, Sir.。Seven or eight times, but nothing。He tapped the railing with his knuckles, his foot tapping gently on the floor。


In what year will this gentleman wake up?He shouted a few more times and banged his knuckles a little louder on the railing。

  The meat on the table moved a few times, then raised a round head。

  “Who are you looking for??Frowning and wiping his eyes。

  Old Bao touched his chin:I'm looking for a gentleman。我是——我是——I'm Bao Guowei's parent。The gentleman's mouth is wide open. Take advantageHe said, as if he had agreed, as if he had yawned。

  “I'm Bao Guowei's parent. I'm talking about the uniform fee……”“Pay the fee??——Citizens Bank! Citizens Bank!”“I know, I know。But we do it for you——Bao Guowei……”老包结里结巴说上老半天,才说出了他的道理,一面还笑得满面的皱纹都堆起来——It's hard on the chin。

  The fat man stretched and smacked his lips。

  “We don't care。Uniforms must be made for both new and old students。”“Bao Guowei made a uniform last year and only wore it for a day or two……”“Last year was last year, this year is this year,He dragged a piece of paper lazily, took a pencil and wrote something on it。The uniforms have changed this year, you know。所以——所以——————哦!With a yawn, the gentleman again absorbed himself in the paper。

  What is he writing?也许是在开个条子,说明白Bao Guowei的制服只穿过两次,这回不用再做,缴费让他少缴二十。

  You wait patiently。The clock on the wall is neither fast nor slow——Yes, da, da, da, da。

  One minute。Two minutes。Three minutes。Five minutes。Eight minutes。

  The gentleman is probably finished。He picked up the paper and read it: a smile curled around his lips, as if it were his own proud work。

  纸上写着些什么:画着一满纸的乌龟!老实说,老包对这些艺术是欣赏不上的。He shushed, smiling and Shouting with the same effortSir, Sir.。He kept talking whether he heard them or not。他象募捐人似的把先生说成一个大好老,菩萨心肠:不论怎样总得行行好,想想他老包的困难。You don't speak very well, you seem to have a knot in your tongue。The muscles in the corners of the mouth were pumping, and the eyebrows were spasticity。

  “Think about it, Sir: I am——我是——How did I get so much money: fifty——五十——More than fifty。……My cotton gown or——还是——I've had this padded robe for seven years。I only get $10 a month. $10。I save the food, save the use, give us a Guowei cook——……I owe a debt. I owe a debt……A few……A couple of them are three cents。我……”The gentleman was determined to lose his temper。He dropped the paper in his hand and turned his face sharply away, frowning and staring:What's the point of telling me that?!School's not a charity. You want me to give you money?!——笑话!The old bag was stunned。His cheek ached: he did not know whether to keep the smile or to put it away。

  His knees and ankles trembled。The wooden railing, which I held in my hand, was as cold as iron。He saw the gentleman drawing on the paper again, and he turned around——Walk slowly to the door。

  儿子——Why do we have to let him go to school。But if he doesn't pay up by tomorrow, Bao Guowei will be expelled。

  “除名……除名……”It looks like Bao has a corns on his heart。

  Where do you go to school after you're removed?这孩子被两个学校退了学,好容易请大少爷关说,才考进了这省立中学的。

  Let's talk to the gentleman。

  “Sir, Sir,The old bag was folded back。One more word, Sir. One word。……Sir! Sir!He waited, and at some point the gentleman would turn away。

  “Sir, then——那么——Sir, pay your uniform slowly。Thirty up front——三十——I don't know if I can pay $31.50 up front?Wait till we make the uniform——……现在——Now it's really——It's really one now——There's not enough money right now。I'm really……”“Here we go again, spray!misterIt's hard to sayHe turned his face away, and then turned back again:Uniform fees are paid up front: it's a school rule, a school rule, you know。In a word, all in all——All charges are to be paid in one go to the Citizens Bank。The total number of students is fifty-one and a half。After tomorrow morning, it's off the list。Do you understand? Do you understand? Do you understand?!”“Sir, but...——不过……”“嗨,要命!我的话你懂了没有,懂了没有尽说尽说有什么好处!真缠不明白!……Let you talk alone!As soon as the gentleman got up, he went out of the other door, and then the door closed very loudly——Crawl!The walls shook。The wall clock is very gentle锵郎一声。

  The one left in the room still wanted to wait for someone to come out: a person stayed at the railing for more than ten minutes before leaving。

  “Uh, uh, uh。There was a sound in Bao's throat, and he himself did not know what he was thinking。It seemed to him that some great calamity was coming, but it was not terrible。No matter what the big deal, the bad times will pass, you know。他只一步步踏在人行路上,他几乎忘了他自己刚才做了What's up,也忘了会有一件什么祸事。He felt his feet and hands trembling。But the walk was not difficult: the feet in the torn cotton shoes of 湿渌渌 were no longer his。He couldn't see anyone in the road, and if someone bumped into him, he would take two steps back。

  The honking of some cars in the street and the Shouting of the peddlers made him very upset。

  The sun's face appeared through the gap in the clouds, and the shadow that lay on the right side of his foot was half folded on the wall。The shadow that was walking suddenly shortened and moved behind him: he turned。

  Opposite came three young men, laughing and talking。

  The old Bao cried out:Bao Guowei!He called out to his son according to the rules of the school——First name and last name。

  Bao Guowei跟两个同学一块走着,手里还拿着一个纸袋子,打这里掏出什么红红绿绿的东西往嘴里送。They all walk in the same way——He was swinging forward from head to chest。

  “Bao Guowei!The boys stood still in surprise。Bao Guowei immediately took back his smiling face and replaced it with a frown。

  He turned only half his face back, and slipped his black eyes out of the corner of his eye to look at his father。


  He only asked angrily:You today——You today——When are you coming home?The son turned the corners of his mouth down, and there was a sound in his nostrils。

  “Go home whenever you like!There's a feast waiting for me at home!……What do I think is the big deal。

  Such a word!Turn around and look: two students walked two zhangs。Bao Guowei immediately used the position of running long distance to run up。

  “Guo Chun, Guo Chun,He smiled and climbed with his hand onto the shoulder of Guo Chun。You didn't say it just now——Sun Guiyun Why……”“Who was that old man just now?”“Uh, irrelevant.。他回头瞧一瞧:他老子的背影渐渐往后面移去,他感到轻松起来,放心地谈着。

  “Sun Guiyun gave up the short distance, it's always a pity, isn't it。Gong Deming, do you think so?叫做龚德铭的那个,只从郭纯拿着的纸袋里掏出一块东西来送进嘴里,没第二张嘴来答话。

  They turned into a small alley。

  Bao Guowei两手插在裤袋里,谈到了孙桂云的篮球,接着又扯到了他们自己的篮球。他叹了口气,他觉得上次全市的篮球锦标赛,他们输给飞虎队可真输得伤心。He spoke with strange vigor, his eyebrows raised as if they would fly out of his eyes。

  “Our Himalayan team must contend for tone: Guo Chun, you have to call the players everyone……”Guo Chun is the captain of their Himalayan team。

  “All you can say is,Gong Deming bumped Bao Guowei with the time。

  “Oh, where!……I've improved a lot。Right? I've made a lot of progress。Guo Chun, do you think so。”“唔,Guo Chun nostrils should be a sound, hum a small tune。

  Bao Guowei like won the championship, the whole body hot。Many words came to his mind, and he could not help bursting out:I can compete this semester, right? I am……”“Don't worry.。”“怎么?”“You still can't shoot。”“But me——我是——But mepasspa′得好……”“pa′得好!Gong Deming cried。The day before yesterdaypassYou got the ball. You can't catch it。You also……”“喂,嘘,Guo Chunpressure small voice。

  Opposite, two schoolgirls came up。

  The three of them immediately lined up tight, with a military gait。They're more sophisticated than anything else, you know。


  Bao Guowei laughed so hard that his eyes became two lines:Spray! Spray! What a beautiful perm!They moved away again, trying to move next to the opposite wall, but again they crowded across。Guo Chunliang piped up and said:You guys let me go。”“You guys let me go。Bao Guowei, like singing a double reed, also learned a sentence and extended his tongue to Guo Chun。

  The girls' faces were red and their heads were lower, as if they were going to bury their heads in their bellies。

  Guo Chun pursed his lips and cocked his chin at Bao Guowei。

  If Bao Guowei were in the old days——遇见个把女的也没什么了不起,他顶多是瞧瞧,大声地说这个屁股真大,那个眼睛长得俏,如此而已。This time is different.。Guo Chun's meaning is very clear: he called him Bao Guowei show some skills。Why is Guo Chun not named Gong Deming——Just tell him to go there?Bao Guowei felt his body float。He was like a hero——He reached out and squeezed a schoolgirl's thigh。

  'cried the schoolgirl。Guo Chun and they laughed。

  “Bao Guowei, OK!


  All the way to Guo Chun's home, Bao Guowei is still talking about his proud work。

  “Touch your thighs. Yeah, old business!郭纯一到了自己家里就脱去大衣,对着镜子把领结理了一下,接着他瞧一瞧炉子里的火。不论Bao Guowei说得怎么起劲,他似乎都没听见,只是喊这个喊那个:叫老王来添煤,叫刘妈倒茶,叫阿秀拿拖鞋给他。So down on the sofa, take a cigarette smoking, let a show to take off the shoes put slippers on。Bao Guowei had to stop his mouth and looked at Xiu's hands——别瞧她是丫头,手倒挺白嫩的,那双手一拿起脱下的皮鞋,郭纯的手在她腮巴上扭了一下:Take it out and oil it。”“少爷!Ah Xiu murmured and walked out。

  Gong Deming only turned the pages of his book at the table, the leather robe showing a large part of the chair——Snow-white fur。

  The sun disappeared again, and Guo Chun went to open the light green window。

  “Gong Deming, why don't you wash your face?The one shook his head and sat his butt up in the chair。But Bao Guowei wanted to wash his face, so he went to the bathroom, where he knew him as well as at home。他挺老练地开了水龙头,他还得拣一块好胰子:他拿两盒胰子交换闻了一会儿,就用了黄色的那一块。

  “What kind of soap is this?Guo Chun and they used this soap。Ahn Suk-jin must have used the same soap。

  There's a lot of stuff here: perfume, hair oil, snowflake essence。

  The person who washed the face carefully for more than ten minutes。

  “Guo Chun, do you use oil in your hair every day?He looked at the dozen bottles。I don't know what they promised。

  Bao Guowei combed his hair with a comb and said in a voice:I haven't put on oil for a few days。Then he stopped his moving hand for a moment to listen to the answer。

  “What kind of oil are you using?”——Gong Deming's voice。

  “Me, I'm using————Well, Stancon, too。So he put the Sedancon on his comb and combed it。He looked at it carefully in the mirror: he didn't want to curl a hair。

  After five or six minutes, the comb left the hair。He looked at the front of the mirror, glanced left, glanced right。He pursed his lips。He gave his neck a little twist。He smiled。He squinted his eyes。他扬扬眉毛,又皱着眉毛把脑袋斜着:不知道是什么根据,他老觉得一个美男子是该要有这么副嘴脸的。His eyebrows pale like two shadows, eyebrows……雪花精没给涂匀,眉毛上一块白的:他搽这些东西的时候的确搽得过火了些。He picked it up again and painted it like a flower。

  I can say with all my heart that he has a pretty face。Just a little flat on the nose。The chin is slightly protruding, the lower lip is twice as thick as the upper lip: the mouth is shrivelled。That doesn't matter。It was a little brighter, a little whiter, and had a strange, pleasant smell。Well, if Ann Soo-chin saw it……But when he stood away from the mirror, he got cold。

  他永远是这么一件自由呢的棉袍!永远是这么一件灰色不象灰色,蓝色不象蓝色的棉袍——There are so many oil spots on the front!That's a real head on that high collar——“What a shame!Bao Guo-wei rushed out of the bathroom as if he had fled: he closed the door loudly。

  一到郭纯房里,那两个仿佛故意跟Bao Guowei开玩笑,正起劲地谈着衣料,谈着西装裤的式样。Guo Chun opened the cabinet, took out a set of clothes to Gong Deming look。

  “I made this one last week,Guo Chun opened a large clip holding three pairs of pants: he pulled out two。

  Gong pointed to the clip:这种夹子其实没有什么用处:初用的时候弹簧还紧,用到后来越用越松,夹两条裤都嫌松。我是……”“Guess how much it cost。They looked as if they had not seen Bao Guowei。Bao Guowei thought: why did Guo Chun not ask him Bao Guowei?He leaned his head to look at it for a moment, wiped his hair with his hands, and said resolutely:Fifty-two dollars!But Guo Chun only looked at him。

  Then Guo Chun and Gong Deming by clothes talked about the first grade Lu and other men——郭纯说她对他很有点儿他妈的道理:你只看每次篮球比赛她总到场,郭纯一有个球投进了对方的篮里,Lv Qianan就格外起劲地起来。郭纯嘻嘻哈哈地把这些事叙述了好些时候,直到中饭开上了桌子还没说完。

  Bao Guowei closely looked at Guo Chun, even have no heart to eat。可是郭纯仿佛只说给龚德铭一个人听:把脸子对着龚德铭的脸子做工夫。Bao Guowei's eyes did not relax, only to remove them for a moment when the dish was served。He wanted Guo Chun to remember his Bao Guowei also beside him, he deliberately put the bowl ah chopsticks make a noise。Sometimes when Guo Chun's eyes caught him, he would laugh out loud,Ha ha, his mother's!Or nod your head:唔,唔。Sometimes he looked as if he had been taken aback——“哦?So I waited for Guo Chun's second glance。

  “What are you gonna do to her?Mr. Gong asked。

  “谁?”“Lv Qianan。The storyteller smiled:What? What?!On the hook, Xiang Xiang Mouth, do it, done!Suddenly Bao Guowei burst out laughing and his whole body trembled。

  “What a shame, Kwok Chun, your mouth——你你!又笑。

  This time Guo Chun was clearly a little happy: he stared at Bao Guowei's face for a little longer。

  那个笑得更起劲,直到吃完饭回到郭纯房里,他还是一阵一阵地打着哈哈。He wiped away his tears, hissed laboured, and laughed again。

  “Guo Chun, you open your mouth!You really——How wicked of his mother!you……”别人可谈到了性经验,龚德铭说他跟五个女人发生过关系,都是台基里的。可是郭纯有过一打:她们不一定是做这买卖的,他可也化了些个钱才能上手。One of them made over $500。

  “People say you had sex with Song Jiaxuan……”Gong Deming drew on the table with a toothpick。

  “Yeah, that's her!Guo Chun stood up and shouted in a low voice。Fuck, she got big。I can't get in her house。And then I did what I said, and I gave him $500, and I was done,……Hey, I had a hard time cheating my dad out of $500, fuck。I won't worry until I have it in my hands。Bao Guowei tried to say something, but he had nothing to say。他想:Now maybe you should laugh a little more?He looked at this and that as if he could not make up his mind。Guo Chun has so many suits。Guo Chun has so many women to deal with。Guo Chun or Himalayas team captain, Guo Chun asked his father for money——How much each time: three and a half, or ten and twenty, or one hundred and two hundred。

  “One hundred and two hundred!Bao Guowei let out a dull sigh。He put his foot out and drew it back in。He wanted to sit in this place forever, with his feet always on the carpet。He had to wear that new suit, and Ahn Suk-jin was sitting next to him。He would not go out all year round, only to play basketball。

  But this was Guo Chun's home, and Bao Guowei had to go back to his own home。

  于是他把两只手插进裤袋里,上身往前面一摆一摆地走回自己的住处:把脚对房门一踢——Pounds!There were some old friends sitting in the room。Bao Guowei that rattan chair is wearing old seven sitting, Hu big in the old bag bed。

  What are they talking about, but when they see Bao Guowei, they all shut up。They smiled ingratiating smiles at Bao Guowei。Dai Qi stood up and retreated to the old bag bed to sit。

  Bao Guowei扬着眉毛瞧了他们一眼,就坐到藤椅上,两条腿叠着一一摇一摇的,他拖一本书过来随便翻了几下,又拿这翻书的手抹抹头发。The book closed like a spring。

  Is everything swarthy。熟猪肝色的板壁,深棕色的桌子,灰黑色的地,打窗子里射进来一些没精打彩的亮,到那张方桌上就止了步。Bao Guowei's dark shadow was like a large black veil——He covered up the few people sitting on the bed inside。


  Old Bao stroked his chin: a few short gray beard like a broken toothbrush。他还有许多话得跟戴老七他们说,可是这时候的空气紧得叫他发不出声音来。

  It is Dai old seven want to break this uncomfortable silence。He asked in a low voice:When does he go to school?It was as if he had been pricked by a needle: his whole body shuddered。His left hand twisted his chin furiously and said, between his teeth:后天。Suddenly Bao Guowei threw away the book he was flipping through and got up and went to the door of the room。

  Everyone was taken aback。

  The old bag left hand under the chin, mouth and eyes are hard open。What big mistake does he think he's made, his son。In a voice of forgiveness, he gently called out to Bao Guowei:Aren't you working there? Why……”Work hard!All this noise in the house!What does the old man want to look at everyone。Hu Da suggested in a low voice to go into his room, so everyone breathed a sigh of relief and went out the door。

  Bao Guowei stood under the eaves, facing the courtyard。

  The people walking were very careful, stepping softly: they were afraid of touching Bao Guowei。他们谁都低着脑袋,只有戴老七偷偷地在Bao Guowei光油油的头发上溜了一眼,他想:他搽的是不是广生行的生发油?Once in Hu's big room, Hu Da can be lively。他给戴老七一支婴孩牌的烟卷,他自己躺倒了板床上,掏了个烟屁股来点着,把脚搁在凳子上。

  “I think I have a nice house。This bed is mine, and that bed is elevated。I'm going to ask Bao Guowei to write me a residence note。This small room is a simple look to know that it is Hu Da's residence: what is greasy。Tables, stools, beds, walls, all like unshaven cutting boards。床上那些破被窝有股抹桌布的味儿,那本记菜帐的簿子上打着一个个黑的螺纹印。

  For some reason, everyone feels more comfortable sitting here, right。Old bag again said more than a dozen times to wear old seven said。

  “I can't help you. I can't。I'm really——I really——Think about it: the calculations are fine, and then the uniform fee is demanded out of thin air。……”“I don't care, but Chen Sanzhu……”“I know, I know,Bao breathed a sigh of relief。You're not doing very well either: too many razor shops。人家大剃头店一开,许多人看看你们店面小,都不肯到你们店里剃头,我知道的,你们In recent years——In recent years——I'm sorry about that money——I'm still not together。Here he began to cough。

  Hu Da's cigarette burned his finger, he threw the cigarette butt:I know it doesn't matter to Dai Lao Qi: his money will not be paid back this year, right?”“唔,Dailoqi smoked hard two puffs of cigarette,Those are the words。Chen Sanlezi that money I am not sure, maybe he insisted on returning: I am afraid of this person……”“You talk to him. You talk to him。It's not like I don't pay you back. I just……”“Well, let me talk to Chen Sanwei,Dai Lao seven gave a dry smile。

  Old bag closely looked at the old seven: he wanted to jump up to wear old seven hug once。

  The room was full of smoke, rolling in the air。Old Bao coughed again。

  “Xiao Xie that ten dollars will also ask you to talk about my month——Ahem, I can't afford it this month. I just——Ahem, ahem。You let me know and I'll talk to him myself——Plead with him。”“Well, I'll definitely go。Xie's a nice guy, I guess……”于是老包又咳几声清清嗓子,拖泥带水地谈着他的景况:他向胡大惜了二十块,向高升借了七块,向梁公馆的车夫借了五块。After paying the fees in the school, there are only ten dollars left: still need to buy books, still need to buy socks and so on。She squeezed out all the wrinkles around her eyes as she spoke。

  “Let's see: Is this a way to save food and use, or——还是——Look: Bao Guowei doesn't even have a pair of leather shoes, Bao Guowei。Now that I say it, Bao thinks something big has been solved。他算着一共借来了三十二块钱,把五十一块凑足了往市民银行一缴,他就什么都不怕。He still had to get ten or so New Year's bounty, which was enough, and he spent the afternoon comfortably。

  When he was happy, he couldn't resist talking to his son。

  “Tomorrow we can pay the bills. Tomorrow,……Enough money is enough. I'm at Hu's——Hu big he has……”Bao Guowei brushed his hair and stood up, saying to himself:I'd like to buy a bottle of hair oil。”“What kind of oil??”“Hair oil!——The hair guy!Bao Guowei turned over the drawers of the long table with a look of impatience。三个抽屉都是这么乱七八糟,什么也找不着!真要命!真要命!What thing都放在我的抽屉里!连老花眼镜……”老包赶快把他的眼镜拿出来:他四面瞧瞧,不知道要把眼镜放在什么地方才好。


  The next day, the old bag went to the citizens bank to pay the fee, and by the way, Dai Lao seven shops。When he came back, he brought a small bottle with the oil that caused the redness。

  Some people in the house asked him:Bag, what is this?”“We pay for it。”“What, is it in foreign characters again?Bao smiled and carried the bottle cautiously to the room。

  The son was brushing his teeth in a padded jacket and glanced at the bottle with raised eyebrows。

  “For you,The old man held out the bottle for him to see。

  “What thing?”“Hair oil, ask Dai Lao seven for it。……Smell it: Fragrant mile。”“哼!Bao Guowei turned away to brush his teeth。

  That one froze for a moment。The hand holding the bottle is empty, not knowing whether it is better to reach over or draw back。

  “I thought you said you were gonna use hair oil?The one yanked out the toothbrush and yelled, spraying the old man with white stars all over his face。

  “I want Stancon!Sitankang!Sitankang!Get it, Stancon!He looked at his father's face and remembered that the old man called to him in front of Guo Chun yesterday——Talk to him。He wanted to ask the old man not to greet him on the road, but he didn't know how to say these words。Then he got even angrier:Put it away!I don't need this oil!——How shabby!Bao Guowei has been angry, washed his face and rushed out。

  老包手里还拿着那个瓶子:他想把它放在桌子上,可是怕儿子回来了又得发脾气,摔掉可又舍不得。He unpopped the cork and sniffed。He touched his chin。He couldn't think why Bao Guowei was so angry。

  He caught a glimpse of the mirror: white patches on his face。He put the bottle under the bed, picked up a hand and wiped his face。

  “Why was Bao angry?He thought about it for a while——See if he wronged his Bao Guowei。Sometimes, when he saw his son lose his temper, his bosom seemed bound;He killed his son——让他变得这么暴躁,可是他不说什么:他怕在儿子火头上浇了油,小伙子受不住,气坏了身体不是玩意帐。他自从女人一死,他同时也就做了Bao Guowei的娘,老子的气派消去了一大半,What's up都有点婆婆妈妈的。

  But sometimes I feel sorry for Bao Guowei: I have no money to buy this, and I have no money to buy that。这小伙子永远在这么一间霉味儿的屋子里用功,永远只有这么一张方桌给他看书写字。He used so many things for his lessons, but there were always only three drawers for him to put in——做老子的还要把眼镜占他一点地方!他长长地抽了一口气,又到厨房里去找胡大谈天,他肚子里许多话不能跟儿子说,只对胡大吐个痛快:胡大是他的知己。

  What Hu Da said really makes sense。

  “Oh, you,Hu Da wiped the oil bowl one by one and put it on the cutting board。Let me ask you: you will enjoy the blessings of your country in the future, won't you?After a pause he answered himself。

  “Let nature enjoy his blessings。You were this back then,Thumb up。Now he eats yours。From now on you eat his, you eat his——You are the old man: he feeds and dresses you well, he makes you comfortable。Now he eats yours——你想想:他过的是什么日子!他没穿过件把讲究的,也没吃什么好的,一天到晚用功读书……”Old Bao wiped his tears with his fingers, he was sorry to Bao Guowei。他恨不得跑出去把那小伙子找回来,把他抱到怀里,亲他的腮巴子,亲他那双淡淡的眉毛,亲他那个突出的下巴。He had to cry to his son to forgive him——“I'm sorry. I'm sorry。The tip of his nose stung and he went to wipe his eyes with his hand。

  But in his mouth——It's another thing:But his temper……”“脾气?嗳——”Hu Da smiled and blamed the other side for throwing his head up so carelessly。No one's too young to be angry?When you were young……Everyone is the same.。You can't blame him?You're called the promotion review——If I'm right about that。Hey, that's all Bao wants。He himself understands his principles and hopes that others will understand his principles。Otherwise someone else would have to say:Look how hard that son is on me. Huh!Now others can understand his Bao Guowei。

  Bao was so happy that his heart tickled。He looked at Huda, and looked at the promotion。

  高升到厨房里打开水来的,提着个洋铁壶站着听他们谈天,这里他很快地插进嘴来:It was!All young men have tempers。Look how cruel the young master is to his aunt。The young master dressed so well and ate so well: much more comfortable than you Bao Guowei。Aunt still mistreated him?He's got to be grumpy。”“It's not!Hu dabbed his hand on the body cloth several times。

  “唔。Suddenly, the old Bao remembered something and called the Gao Sheng who was just about to leave:Gao Sheng, I ask you: What kind of oil did you put on your head?”“I don't know.。I didn't see him use any oil, just some kind of cream, you know。”“Cream also applies to hair?”“Not a cream. Like a cream。”“Aroma or not?”“香。What did Bao Guowei say this morningCan!Can!Can!”——It must be such a thing。

  Afternoon listening to the table master's shoes rang out, the old bag slipped into the table master room。雪花膏Bao Guowei也有,老包可认识,他除开那瓶雪花膏,把其余的瓶子都开开闻了一下。He picked up the top bottle and held it in his hand。

  “不好。When the young master wanted to inquire, he found the bottle in the old bag's room, which was too bad。He has been in the mansion for more than thirty years, and he has never done a bad thing。

  He put the bottle down again and stared for a moment。

  “Can!Can!Can!It must be this: only the foreign words on the bottle were unknown to him。


  This time, Bao Guowei will be happy。可是——“Where is he now?Is he still angry?Bao Guowei at this time in Guo Chun's home。Bao Guowei这时候一点也不生气,Bao Guowei并且还非常快活:郭纯允许了这学期让他做候补篮球员,Bao Guowei倒在沙发上。Bao Guowei did not care what the five or six students talked about;He wants to drive。

  “When can I officially enter the competition?Bao Guowei asked himself。

  Maybe he'll have to practice for a few more months, and when he's fighting the Flying Tigers, he'll have to show some skill。他想象他们这喜马拉雅山队的姿势比这次全国运动会的河北队还好:一个个都会飞似的。The best, of course, is Bao Guowei。Once the ball is in his hands, what can anyone do。He doesn't pass it on to his own people. He just goes up alone。Of course, the other team had to hurry and tried to stop his ball, but he spun and both people and the ball came to the front。……His body just turned on the sofa。

  Of course there were tens of thousands of people watching, and everyone clapped their hands——Praise him for Bao Guowei's skill。The girl sat in the stands and tried her best to cheer up: it goes without saying——是安淑真,她脸都发紫,正在这一刹那,他Bao Guowei把球对篮里一扔:咚!——二分!Good Mary——Good Mary——La la la!The girls shouted frantically: they shouted a little too fast, and said the HimalayaGood Mary

  So he made five more shots, the first time he scored 12 points。

  He had to put on his white fleece sweatshirt during the break。女生都围着他,她们在他跟前撒娇,谁也要挨近他,挨不到的就堵着嘴吃醋,也许还得打起架来。……It's not a big fight。

  No fighting. He just wants Ahn Suk-jin close to him。There's plenty of room, and it wouldn't hurt to have a few prettier ones near him。

  So Ahn Soo-jin brought him a soft drink……“Soda is worse than orange juice。It's orange juice.。What brand?There's a brand that seems to be called what cow。It doesn't matter if he's a bull or a cow, it's orange juice。After drinking two bottles in one go, he put his hand on Ahn Shu-zhen's shoulder and went on the field again。He made seven more shots all by himself。Ah, ah, ah!Guo Chun did not throw the goal?……His butt moves on the sofa. Look at Guo Chun。

  Okay, let's give Guo Chun three points。Three points: Make one, make one free throw。

  Everybody lifted him up after the game。真麻烦:十几个新闻记者都抢着要给他照相,明星公司又请他站在镜头前面——拍新闻片子!当天晚报上全登着他的照片,小姐奶奶们都把这剪下来钉在帐子里。Everyone knows him, Bao Guowei。所有的女学生都挤到电影院里去看他的新闻片,连希佛来的片子也没人爱看了。……Bao Guowei stood up, took a cigarette from the table and sat down on the sofa。His heart beat loudly。

  He didn't hear a word that was being said, and he was just thinking about what clothes he was going to wear。Suits, of course: as many as Guo Chun's。他一天换一套,挟着安淑真在街上走,他还把安淑真带到家里去坐,他对她……“Sit at home!Suddenly he felt sick as if he had been punched。

  他有那么一个家!黑黝黝的什么也瞧不明白,只有股霉味儿往鼻孔里钻,两张床摆成个LWord, curtains become yellow-gray。There was only one rattan chair in the family——Maybe Hooda's greasy ass is still sitting on it。安淑真准得问这是谁,厨子!那老头儿是什么人:他是Bao Guowei的老子,刘公馆里的三十年的老听差,只会摸下巴,咳嗽,穿着那件破棉袍!……Bao Guowei said irritably in his stomach:Not this home!Not this home!His home should look like Guo Chun's。他的老子也不是那个老子:该是个胖胖的脸子,穿着灰鼠皮袍,嘴里衔着粗大的雪茄;也许还有点胡子;也许还带眼镜;说起话来笑嘻嘻的。So Ahn Suk-jin sat in his house all day。He began to play "Sister I Love You" to her.。An Shuzhen all twisted up。He had to straighten his bow tie and go to her……Suddenly someone shouted:No, no, no!Bao Guowei was shocked。He woke up and looked around。

  He is at Guo Chun's house。Five or six classmates were Shouting and laughing。Gong Deming wrestled with the crab, did not know how the crab shouted。

  “That won't do!Look at Gong Deming!Hey, I, Ponsil, don't fall for that!”——His name was Pontsil, but everyone called him螃蟹

  Bao Guowei sighed and dropped his cigarette butt into the spittoon。

  “I also practice running short distances every day……”He will run faster than Liu Changchun: he has broken the Far East record。When the commander reported the results……But he could not imagine: the commander's report suddenly changed into Gong Deming's voice:Not this time! Not this time!You grabbed my leg. I……”Gong Deming was thrown to the ground by the crab。A room full of laughter。

  “Come again! Come again!”“Crabs are much stronger!”“哪里!Gong Deming gasped。He took advantage。Bao Guowei laughed loudly。He wiped his hair and walked over to drag Gong Deming:Come again! Come again!”“Okay, okay, okay,Guo Chun held up a hand。Keep arguing——We can't write any more letters。”“写信?Bao Guowei went to the table。There is one spread on the tableStar letterOn the letter paper, a pen painted: Li Zhuling is writing a letter。Guo Chun pounced on the side and watched。

  “To whom do you write??Bao Guowei laughed so hard that he showed all his teeth。

  The pen moved on the paper:My favorite rose like a flower like the moon is waiting for male sister ah接着——“擦达!A sound, drawing an exclamation symbol。

  嗨,郭纯叫李祝龄代写情书!Bao Guowei可有点儿不高兴:郭纯干么不请他Bao Guowei来写呢?——Guo Chun thinks Li Zhuling is stronger than Bao Guowei?Bao Guowei slowly flattened his smile, bent the corners of his mouth downward, and looked at the letter paper。他一面在肚子里让那些写情书用的漂亮句子翻上翻下:他希望李祝龄写不出,至少也该写不好。他Bao Guowei看过一册《hjc黄金城登录注册》,现在正读着《黄金城登录》,好句子多着哩。

  不管李祝龄写不写得出,Bao Guowei总有点不舒服:郭纯只相信别人不相信他!可是打这学期起,郭纯得跟他一个人特别亲密:只有郭纯跟他留级,他俩还是同班。

  Bao Guowei turned his head away from the table。

  The men spoke of a schoolmate's father, a schoolteacher who always wore a blue robe。The old man wanted to marry his son, but there was no money。

  “Oh, he?Bao Guowei inserted himself, raising his eyebrows and bending the corners of his mouth downwards——The bottom lip is twice as thick。Ha, that shabby look!——I'm sorry to see that!可是别人象没听见似的,只瞟了他一眼,又谈到那穷同学有个好妹妹,在女中初中部,长得真——“How beautiful!Fat: Too fat to be annoying, damn it!Bao Guowei said that these words are too boring like a smile, he walked to the cabinet and opened the door。他瞧着里面挂着的一套套西装:紫的,淡红的,酱色的,青的,绿的,枣红的,黑的。

  The owner of these clothes turned to look at Bao Guowei with attention。

  The person looking at the wardrobe pursed his lips, wiped his hair, and took down a tie with a light green base and yellow flowers。他屁股靠在沙发的靠手上,对着镜子,规规矩矩在他棉袍的高领子上打起领结来,他瞧瞧大家的眼睛,他希望别人看着他。

  Only Guo Chun looked at him。

  “Hey, you bastard!Guo Chun snatched away the tie。Fuck that guy's tie!Bao Guowei smiled with difficulty:Oh yo, oh yo!”“怎么!Guo Chun's face was somewhat serious。He put the tie back in the cupboard and slammed the door behind him。You steal again——I'll kick your ass!”“偷?Bao Guowei said softly。hahaha。Bao Guowei struggled to keep this smile on his face for some time。The muscles in the jaw trembled。他怕郭纯真的生了气,想去跟郭纯搭几句,那个可一个劲儿扑在桌上瞧别人代写情书。

  “He's not talking to me?Bao Guowei waited to see if Guo Chun would ignore him。He wiped his face and his hair with his hands。He stood up and sat on his hand again。Then he got up again, walked a few steps, and sat down next to the crab。他手放在靠手上,过会儿把它移到自己腿上,两秒钟之后又把两手在胸脯前叉着。He put his foot out and came back。He always feels sick。The hand on his chest seemed to press against his lungs, and it was placed on the rest of his hand again。There's nowhere to put those hands down, you know。Those feet are a little pinched, too。他眼睛也不知道瞧着什么才合适:龚德铭他们只顾谈他们的,仿佛这世界上压根儿就没长出个Bao Guowei。

  He wondered if he should interrupt?But they were talking about something he didn't understand: they were talking about a Turkish massage parlor in Shanghai。

  “These words are boring!Got up and walked over to the table。He would not listen to them: he was afraid that someone would suddenly ask him,Have you ever been to Shanghai? Have you ever been to a massage parlor?没有。Ha, how shabby!He only waited for Guo Chun to glance at him。He always peered secretly at Guo Chun。In the end Guo Chun is good with him。

  “Hey, Bao Guowei, come and see。Ask him to read a few sentences written。

  Bao Guowei was surprised:哦?……唔,唔。……hahaha。……”“Not bad??Guo Chun knocked on the table。We Li Zhuling are, oh, masters of love letters。郭纯不叫别人来看,只叫他Bao Guowei!他全身都发烫:郭纯不但还睬他,并且特别跟他好。He wanted to jump, he wanted to move his feet and his hands。He should show that he is closer to Guo Chun than anyone else——It's like family to yourself。Then his shoulders twitched and he laughed。

  “Ha ha ha, Lu and other men must be yours!And gently pat on Guo Chun's chin。

  The one who pushed Bao Guowei to his death:Hey, you hit someone in the mouth!Bao Guowei hit the back of his head on the cabinet。Honestly, it hurts a little.。He blushed and smiled:Why does it matter?Guo Chun 50 percent joking, 50 percent seriously extended his fist:Don't you move again!Everyone looked at them. Some of them were laughing。

  “Okay, okay, no, no, no, no,Bao Guowei's voice sounded as if he was breathless with laughter。I'll do you a favor……What, say a serious word: Jiang Pu really want to chase Lu and other men?Guo Chun or good with him, Guo Chun said Jiang Pu chasing Lu and other men。Guo Chun knocked on the table with his fist: if Jiang Pu is still so ignorant, he has toSettle by force,郭纯象誓师似地谈着,眼睛睁得挺大,这双眼总不大瞥到Bao Guowei脸上来。

  But Bao Guowei is very happy, he talks a lot。He gave Guo Chun thought of many ways to deal with Jiang Pu。接着别人几句话一岔,不知怎么他就谈到了篮球,他主张篮球员应当每天匀下两小时功课来练习。

  “We have to fight the Flying Tigers this time, don't we, Guo Chun。We basketball players should be allowed to miss two hours of class every day to practice……”“You're not a basketball player,Mr. Gong interrupted.You don't have to race。Bao Guowei's face was hot:How is it not: I'm a reserve player。”“It's too early to be a regular player。Practice a lot, you know。”“I thought I said practice?Guo Chun nodded carelessly。

  So Bao Guowei became lively again and said again and again:Right, right, Guo Chun you say is not, my words right, right。Bao Guowei kept this lively energy all the time. He felt that his body had grown taller and bigger。Tell him as soon as you get home——He had to make a white fleece sweatshirt。

  “The jerseys were indispensable: I became a player。And make a pair of hunting pants。When the weather was warm, he planned to walk the streets in his fleece and hunting trousers, without his overcoat。

  “How much does it cost?The old man touched his chin again。

  “How much?How should I know?!I'm not a tailor!”“Wait a minute, all right? The family's got enough money……”“Wait a minute!Maybe the game is next week, I don't want to go to the game!”“Wait for the New Year, okay?Lao Bao calculates that the New Year day can get ten dollars festival reward。He looked at his son sitting on the cane chair, did not say anything, he was relieved。Bao Guowei must be happy this time: it's really hard for this young man to be the son of his old bag。

  Bao Guowei stood on his knees against the edge of the table, his hands brushing his hair and his eyes staring at the window。

  The old man quietly took out a paper bag: he had long wanted to show Bao Guowei, and now he had this opportunity。他把纸包打开闻一闻,香味还是那么浓,他就轻轻地把它放到那张方桌上。

  “你看。”“什么?这是?”“I thought you said you were gonna paint your hair?The Kang you were talking about————”Bao Guowei looked at one, twisted it with his fingers, and suddenly threw it into the ground with great effort:It's paste!But on the second day of class, what exactly did Bao Guowei buy that bottleRepeat the grade without buying books, the old bag kept more than ten dollars to do these things。The old man never knew thatSpent a few money, only know that the new pair of hard-soled leather shoes are eight and a half。给Bao Guowei的十几块,没交回一个铜子:老包想问问他,可是又想起了胡大那些话。

  “Well, I'd rather not ask。


  Bao Guowei still has to go to school on New Year's Day。There's still something strange about those people at the mansion。I mean, really, it's just school?”“Oh, that's right,Hu said triumphantly。

  The old bag can have the New Year。That afternoon, Chen Sanzhu and Dai Lao Qi came to find the old bag: to collect debts。

  “Please don't be offended, but I'm in a tight time of year, and I need your help with that money。”“Chen SAN, Chen SAN, this time I lost a mess, this time: Bao Guowei school……”Chen Sanzhu sat down on the cane chair and folded his legs。他脸上的皮肉一丝也不动,只是说着他的苦处:并不是他陈三不买面子,可是他实在短钱用。Please pay him back the twenty dollars with interest。

  Firecrackers outside: crackle。

  The stool on which Bao sat was like a furnace, and his bottom was burning hot。He looked at Dai Lao seven, Dai Lao seven moved his eyes away。

  The debt collector made it clear?If he forced himself to……With a cough, the old bag said what he had said again, and he was not small。Originally, the money was just enough, but Bao Guowei School suddenly have to pay what clothes money。Then he said that it was not easy for his son to go to school, and he relied on a few close friends to help him。他说了几句就得顿一会儿,瞧着陈三癞子那个圆脑袋,于是咳清了嗓子又往下说,过会儿又怕两位客人的茶冷了,就提着宜兴壶来给倒茶:手老抖索着,壶嘴里出来的那线黄水就一扭一扭的,有时候还扭到了茶杯外面去。

  There's only one sentence.。

  “Where? Where? Can I get you some help, anyway。The old bag froze for a moment。The wrinkles on his face were quivering。

  There was a loud noise in the room: Dai Lao Seven was flicking his nails。Dai Lao Seven is obviously in a bit of a dilemma: he is good friends with the old bag, but this debt is his human。He kept his eyes fixed on the black bricks in the ground, as if he had not heard them。As soon as Scabby Chen SAN opened his mouth, he began to cough dry。

  All three men shut their mouths for a moment。What was Ma Li talking about when firecrackers were fragmentary outside。

  “How's that?Chen Sanlezi's voice became harder。Please do me a favor: I have a lot of ground to cover to clear this up early。”“I really……”Then Bao said the same words again and again。

  Hu Da came in, but immediately withdrew。

  “Come in and sit down, Big Hu。But Chen Sanlezi did not leave a point: he said the same thing in front of Hu Da。His face was still stiff, but his voice was hard as iron:Do me a favor. Be civil。New Year's Eve is no fun for everyone to go to the police, right。Old Dai, everyone save face: you are a person, you always——I have to ask you。Dai moved his eyes slowly to Bao's face:老包。……”What do you call it Bao?It's true that I can't pay back the 20 bucks。He moved his lips lightly, but made no sound。The stomach can not say not feel good, like eating a big bag of Epsom salt like。

  The collector never leaves. After what, two or three minutes, he gets paid——“Hey, what's going on?Please don't joke!这么着坐到四点钟左右,忽然省立中学一个校役送封信来:请Bao Guowei的家长和保证人马上到学校里去。

  “What's up?”“Headmaster, please speak.。But Chen Sanzi did not ask Lao Bao to leave。

  “Uh, uh, you can't leave!”——Grab the old bag by the arm。

  “I'll be right back. I'll just be a second……In the school……In the school……”“That won't do!The school servant can hurry the old Bao to leave。

  Chen Sanlezi patted his chest:I'm coming with you!Dai, of course you're going too!They followed the old bag to school。The school servant led the old bag into the training office。Old Dai Seven was pacing the corridor outside。陈三癞子从玻璃窗望着里面,不让眼睛放松一步:他怕老包打别的门逃走。

  As soon as old Bao walked into the training department, he could be taken aback。

  Bao Guowei and a young man sat in a corner, not looking good。Bao Guowei's eyes were rooted to the wall and his ears were blue。But the hair was still bright: he had applied whatIt's just not that neat。

  There are many people in the room。Bao wanted to recognize the fat man in the registry, but he didn't see him。

  The headmaster was talking to a young man with a smile on his face。As soon as the young man opened his mouth, the headmaster bowed on his waist:Yes, yes, yes。But he looked at the old bag from his head to the torn cotton shoes for a moment, and then he frowned for fear of being dirty:You are Bao Guowei's parents?”“Well, I am——我是——”The principal cocked his chin at the director of discipline and turned to talk to the young man。The director of training stepped over to the old bag and told him in detail——Bao Guowei got into trouble at school。As he spoke, he also swept his eyes over Bao's whole body, and sometimes glanced at Bao Guowei over there。

  “Here's the thing。——”他们几个同学在练习篮球,江朴打那里走过,郭纯讥笑了他几句什么,他俩吵起嘴来,不过训育主任不大明白吵些什么,据说是为了爱人的事。

  “That's why Pontsil——”The director of discipline pointed to the young man next to Bao Guowei。

  'cried Pontsil。Bao Guowei rushed to hit Jiang Pu, Jiang Pu just peacefully with Pang Xier say good words。

  “I'm arguing with Guo Chun. Why are you bothering?Bao Guowei jumped up:Insult our captain.——Insult all of us basketball players!play”“打!Guo Chun called nearby,It's on me!There was a real fight。Bao Guowei like to have a sworn enemy with Jiang Pu desperately, Pangxier also help play。As soon as Jiang Pu fell, their fists were pounding down on each other。Many people ran, Jiang Pu Ke has fainted, mouth bleeding。

  There are many wounds on his body: blue。校医说很危险,立刻用汽车把江朴送到医院里,一面打电话告诉江朴的家长。

  “This is Jiang Pu's parents,The director of discipline pointed to the young man。

  Jiang Pu parents want to Sue the court, but the principal advised him to settle peacefully。于是So three conditions were put forward,The head of discipline counted on his fingers,The first is to fire the perpetrator。

  其次呢:江朴的医药费要Bao Guowei和庞锡尔担负,末了一个是:江朴倘有不测,他是要法律解决的。The director of discipline stopped here for a moment。

  There was a black sensation in front of Bao's eyes and a ringing in his ears。He flopped down on the chair。


  I tried to make two big mistakes, but the athletic director objected, so I made one big mistake。

  But the director of discipline didn't talk to Bao about that, he only talked about the money。

  “Pontsil had handed in fifty dollars——Prepare for Jiang Pu to do medical expenses: later not enough to pay again。That's why you're here now. I need you to pay me some money. Please……”“什么?”“Please pay some money first, do Jiangpu's medical expenses。Bao's tongue seemed not to be his own, and he muttered:My money……My money……”Many people looked at him in silence。

  突然——Bao seems to wake up, look at all the faces。He would get up and sit down again, and then stand up trembling again。他紧瞧着训育主任,瞧呀瞧的就猛地往前面一扑,没命地拖着训育主任的膀子,嘎着嗓子叫:Bao Guowei was fired!Bao Guowei was fired!……More money!More money!Where am I going to find the money?!I……Me and me……We're fired!We pay for it……”Several men dragged him to a chair。He gasped desperately, clutching his fist with his trembling hands, then letting go。His mouth was wide open, and there was a small pile of white foam at one corner of his mouth。His head moved slightly, and he saw the heads of others moving in the same way。He felt something heavy rolling over him。His tears rolled down suddenly, and he quickly covered his eyes with his hand。

  “喂,The headmaster shouted impatiently,What are you going to do?……What's the use of shedding tears。Medical bills always have to come out。The old bag smoked the voice:I don't have any money. I don't……I am in debt…………We fired Bao Guowei。……”“You have no money.——You can go to the sponsor。Where's the sponsor? Why isn't he here?”“He has gone to Shanghai。”“哼,The headmaster frowned。What a false guarantee!——That's enough to Sue the law!”“Sir, Sir,Old Bao stood up and made a bow to the headmaster, but he could not stand steadily and sat down again on the chair。I really——I really——Pay the money slowly。”“Well, that's fine. Then you get a shop attendant。”“I'm going to find...。”“We'll send a clerk with you, Mr. Mi,Chin cocked, a gentleman quickly put on his hat and stood up。The headmaster nodded,All right, take Bao Guowei away。But when the old bag reached the door, he turned round again, and threw himself down on his knees before the headmaster, his eyes like water:Sir, Sir, why are you firing the bag…………Where do you want him to go? Who is he…………Don't expel him, don't expel him。……Sir, Sir, do me a favor. No……不要……”“——That is impossible。”“Sir! Sir!……”There's no going back on this。Old bag to pull up to walk two steps, he remembered the tuition。

  “Do I get my tuition back? My tuition?Tuition fees are routinely not paid back。Twenty bucks for the uniform?The uniform is already being made. It can't be returned。The rest of those incidentals what a few dollars should be returned, but have to be withheld to do Jiangpu's medical expenses。

  Old Bao walked out: the students who looked at the lively outside the door all sent him away with their eyes。He was followed by several people: Chen Sanzhu, Dai Laoqi, that Mr. Mi, Bao Guowei。

  “Dai Seven do me a favor and help me out。”“Well, think about it。Chen SAN this 20 yuan I made a guarantee, and now not step down。I'm not doing this shit anymore。Where can I find shop insurance?He stepped out of the gate and froze for a moment. His body was shaking to the ground。But Chen Sanzhu's iron-like voice pierced again:Hey, what's going on?I can't go with you!Bao Guowei walked to the front: hands in trouser pockets, up to the head and chest are swung forward。Shiny leather shoes ring on the sidewalk, ligularia, ligularia, ligularia, ligularia。

  Old Bao suddenly wanted to pick up Bao Guowei: the two of them had to hold and cry——Crying about their own bad luck。He quickened his pace to catch up with Bao Guowei, but Bao Guowei was far away。Many shoes on the street ring, can not tell which is Bao Guowei。

  前面有什么在一闪一闪地发亮:不知道是Bao Guowei的头发,还是什么玻璃东西。

  “Bao Guowei!………………”Chen Sanzhu pulled him out desperately:Hey, hey, what's going on?!If we get into a lawsuit……”The Mr. Mi wiped his forehead and said irritably:Where is your shop? Shall I run with you, with you……”老包忽然瞧见许多黑东西在滚着,地呀天的都打起旋来,他自己的身子一会儿飘上了天,一会儿钻到了地底里。His lips moved as if chanting, and his mouth turned white。

  “Bao Guowei fired. Fired……开除……赔钱……”His head was shaking, his body following the direction of his head——Take a few steps back。He hit his back against the wall: his leg gave way and he sank to the ground。


原载193441The monthly magazine Literature No2卷第4号。



Zhang Tianyi(1906~1985), contemporary China作家。Scientific name Zhang Yuanding, character Handi, number Yizhi, pen name Zhang Tianjing, Tie Chihan and so on。He was born in Shuangquan Village, Dongshan Township, Xiangxiang County, Hunan Province南京I finished primary and junior high school in Hangzhou.1925He went to Beijing in autumn and was admitted the following yearPeking University1929Officially began a professional writing career,1931After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, he has been engaged in anti-Japanese salvation work in Changsha and other places文艺活动。After liberation, he served in the central Committee文学Deputy Director of the Institute, China Federation of Arts and Culture委员Secretariat of Chinese Writers Association书记、《People's literature主编等职。Representative works are童话Obayashi and Kobayashi, The Secret of the Treasure Gourd,King Bald》,小说Mr. Warwick"Ghost Earth Diary" and so on。他的童话It occupies an important position in the history of children's literature。