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Famous people see Guizhou

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-07-14    

        Famous people see Guizhou


Ouyang Qiansen is a deputy to the National People's Congress and the chief producer and screenwriter of the TV series Flowers and LeavesOn the evening of May 23, I watched the primetime TV drama "Flowers and Leaves" broadcast on CCTV 1 at the residence of the delegates in Beijing, and then locked in the documentary "Aerial China · Guizhou Article" on the same channel.。After watching the documentary, he felt very shocked: each of us Guizhou people, are living in a place like paradise。

Ouyang Qiansen said, "aerial photography of China· Guizhou Article "in this documentary, he has been to many places, but just like the old poem said," do not know the real face of the mountain, only the body in the mountain ", usually we are watching the scenery of Guizhou hometown from the ground, but not from the Angle of the sky to overlook。Those places are familiar to everyone, because in them, people see only a limited part。After watching the film, Ouyang Qiansen said he was very emotional: Guizhou beautiful mountains, beautiful water, more beautiful people!

Ouyang Qiansen believes that the beauty of landscape is mainly because Guizhou has held two bottom lines。In the protection of intangible cultural heritage, Guizhou has done relatively solid work。Those villages we see in the film, they are inside the green barrier, between a green mountain and green water, shining the light of intangible cultural heritage。Those villages with distinctive features of intangible cultural heritage have retained their original ecological culture intact。"Keeping integrity is not equal to lagging behind, and seeing the smiling faces of those villagers shows that since the implementation of precision poverty alleviation, the sense of gain and happiness of the people has risen to a level.。”

The documentary made Guizhou people feel a strong sense of pride, which was a direct feeling after Ouyang Qiansen saw the film。"So we live in a paradise!Those Bridges, between the sea of clouds like a dream。High mountains and valleys, a bridge between the two mountains into a thoroughway, you can say that those Bridges are "overpasses"。Ouyang Qiansen made an example: if he was a foreigner, if he saw this film, he would immediately set out for Guizhou。Even he, who has been living in Guizhou, will have the impulse to go to these places again after seeing the film。"Standing at a high place looking down, the kind of spectacular gives people a different feeling, those scenery is a vast beauty, and the clouds and mist-filled green mountains to give poetic meaning, people see people love.。”

Guizhou's terrain is very characteristic, Ouyang said, from hills to terraces to plateaus, forming a ladder shape, this landform is very beautiful。Guizhou's forest coverage, water and air are in the forefront of the country。"If there are paradises in China, Guizhou is one of them。”

By Aerial Photography of China· Guizhou Article "This documentary made Ouyang Qiansen think of Guizhou's external image publicity。He said he recently saw an advertisement about tea in Guizhou province: "Eat healthy, eat good taste!""I think this advertisement directly strikes people's hearts and makes people nostalgic and longing - to go to Guizhou for ecological tea.。The rhetoric of advertising is no use again gorgeous, only the simple expression of "eat healthy, eat good taste" can transmit the characteristics of Guizhou tea。This kind of publicity is undoubtedly very successful。”

Ouyang believes that Guizhou has also done a good job in cultural soft power。"Colorful Guizhou" has been done for so many years, so that people all over the world have formed a fixed thinking: this is a place with colorful national culture and vivid natural scenery。"Such as the Dong nationality song, 100 li cuckoo, 10,000 mu of bamboo sea, Pingba cherry blossoms, etc., dazzling, with an idiom to sum up, is' numerous flowers and leaves'。”



Ouyang Qiansen, Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Literature, Chairman of the Provincial Writers Association, President of Guizhou Institute of Literature, second-level professor, first-level screenwriter, national"Virtue and art" literary workers, the national "four talents", Guizhou Province core experts。Based on his novels and reportage adapted and served as the chief producer and screenwriter of the film and television series, such as "Xiongguan Road", "Jedi Every Life", "Lady of Luxury", "The Day under the Clouds", "Surviving Day", "Twenty-four Turns", "Fire Cloud Street", "Extreme crisis", "Great Turning Point", "Flowers and Leaves Blossom" and so on,He has won the national "five one project" award for four times,Won the national TV "Flying Sky Award" 3 times,4 times won the national television "Golden Eagle Award";Three times won the national screenplay Award, the army "Gold Star Award" and so on。He is a deputy to the 11th, 12th and 13th National People's Congress, a member of the Chinese Federation of Literature and Arts, a member of the Chinese Writers Association, and a deputy director of the Film and Television Committee。