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The First six Reasons for the Existence of Night

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-07-23    

The First six Reasons for the Existence of Night


CAI Wenyu



The dark night makes everyone learn silence including salesmen and good people



The night exists to separate people

Insomniacs lie in bed thinking about how to get along with others after dawn



When the sun is not present, the other lights become very lively

The air conditioning light in front of me is talking to me for a long time



The night gives a respite to the fugitives and the fugitives are cowards



Ghosts usually appear at night

He lured the children over the high wall to retrieve what they had left behind when they came in

In addition, as a poet, you must first believe in ghosts



The air is quietest in the middle of the night

People who can't breathe well during the day can now sing happily



Open the doors and Windows

Let the room be full of choking breath

I'll rekindle the fire. Hold on to the fire

The moment Miao was about to die

Add a new wood


There are quarrels in the fire from time to time

I sat next to quickly white head

The body is covered with warm snowflakes

Remember, I was once like this ash

Floating and falling on someone

I raised my hand and fell again

Complete a gorgeous death


Wood burns only once in its life

I was a piece of wood once

Burn, burn

Until the time burns a big hole

You just shine

Don't care if I live or die


Gather up all the ashes

It's a new world


And we need a new world


(School of Humanities, Tongren University Secretarial Class 2018)