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Meet at the third look Ping

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-08-24    

Meet at the third look Ping



好吗?Take me to Sanwang Ping, I heard, where the flowers are blooming。Like this misty rainy weather with a faint cold, when you get there, don't run, silence, you see!The misty fog silk rises, a wisp, a line, woven, who is the weaving machine on the green yarn?I can see the delicate hand picking the green thread, I can hear the sound of the loom, and... and the deep sigh。Miss is torn up?Otherwise, you see, this east and west fog gauze has not been stitched together, and it has not been able to gently wrap the three Wangping。Rain through your hair, leaving a crystal drops of water, but I can not bear to wipe for you, whose tears with this lingering hair?

     As if there were a thousand words, But just want to button into your palm, silently follow your pace into the three look Ping, into the hazy world, go deeper and farther。You see, you see those flowers, not as beautiful as spring flowers, not like summer flowers gorgeous, but open so calm, so quiet。Spring thunder call, summer Yang urged, they are not anxious not dry, such as a season belonging to them, in the cold wind and rain of early autumn all the way to bloom。It is said that this flower does not bear fruit because the season is missed。Don't you mind, I may be wrong, but don't you use your profound knowledge to tell me how they spread across the fields and dot the terraces with yellow, white, purple, and red flowers。I only believe that life may frequently miss something, but we are not deeply touched by wind, frost, rain and snow?

      好吗?Take me to Sanwang Ping!I heard that under the sunset, the three Wangping is particularly warm。I like the sunset glow of the horizon, that is the sun struggling to spray, determinate and safe。Let's pursue it!Take off your straitjacket and your heavy shoes and chase me, will you?Step on my footprints to chase me, the cheerful laughter echoed in the sky of the three Wang Ping, fell in every corner of the three Wang Ping, and opened flowers。Open in the fields, open in the hills, open in the woods, open in the track of the sun。Come on the flower path, I look all the way forward and all the way back, waiting for you to chase the sun with me。When the sunset dissipates the last ray of golden light do not worry, in the place where the three Wang Ping and the sky intersect, sit down, do not be afraid of darkness, do not fear desolation, feel the breadth of the three Wang Ping, there is the sun in the heart, there is hope tomorrow。

     好吗?Take me to Sanwang Ping!I hear there's a bridge。There is a story about love。You look at the deep pool under the bridge, the blue blue in the pool, is the yearning of the three Wangping or the tears of the angel?Come, come to the pool rock under the bridge, you see the curtain of water hanging down from the bridge, the water drops fall into this melancholy pool, slowly return。This is the angel's wings blowing, a chilly wind through the veins of the three look ping blood, with a pool of tears garrison heart of the three look ping。

所谓"Three look at the ping", that is, one look at the second look and then look at the side。It is said that there used to be a rocky mountain, mountains, mountains living in a family, said that a family is actually a young man 17 or 18 years old, no father and no mother, to firewood hunting for a living。One day a young man came home from hunting. On his way, he saw a wounded bird with colorful feathers。The young man took the bird home and carefully treated its injured wings. Later, the bird recovered, but it did not want to fly away. It turned out that this was a divine bird, and the young man saved his life by accidentally injuring his wings because of playing。The divine bird turned into a beautiful Chu girl to repay the young man's kindness。Godbird's mother learned that after several times to stop,Caught the bird in a rage,Buried the boy at the bottom of the mountain,The bird escaped and could not find the young man,In a hurry,Flip the wings,Suddenly the wind howled,Flying sand and walking stones,Flip and flip,The bird uses the last ounce of strength to lift it,The mountains were razed to the ground,The bird was brought back to heaven as an angel with broken wings。The young man witnessed the love of the divine bird, but suffered from being trapped in the earth, and looked through the earth and rocks with his eyes, in order to quietly look at the divine bird in the sky。

     "The formation of Tiansheng Bridge is the ghost axe God of nature" I am immersed in the story, you come from the reality。

好吗?Take me to Sanwang Ping!To see the flowers, to chase the sunset, to interpret the story of the divine bird。



About the author:毛文红,女,Born in Qinglong County, Guizhou Province in June 1985, he graduated from the primary education liberal arts class of the Academy of Education, Kaili University, Guizhou in July 2009。He started to work in March 2010 and officially joined Guizhou Writers Association in May 2015。Essays, poems, and novels are scattered in Yunnan Daily, Guizhou Writers, Mountain Flowers, and Qianxinan Daily。