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"The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" shooting highlights (7)

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-08-27    

A person is not a fine point is dedicated

Red giant "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" storyIt tells the tortuous story of Li Xiang and Lu Tianchi, the twin brothers who should have depended on each other in the revolutionary era, because of the misplacement of identity。

The most interesting thing is that Li Xiang and Lu Tianchi in the play are compatriots兄弟But on the opposite sideOn both sides, the two roles of one positive and one evil are played by Cao Zheng alone, quite a test of acting skills。He revealed that he had done a lot of homework in advance for the play, no matter what the theme, he hoped that his play would be interesting。

This "taste" made Cao Zheng split to the extreme:"In my heart, Li Xiang is the positive hero. He is a little naughty, but he is full of enthusiasm for the revolution. He has certain wisdom, and sometimes he is very alert and energetic。


In contrast, the villain brother's "Lutianchi" has a more complex personality:"Lu Tianchi, the protagonist on the opposite side, is a mentally problematic person, sometimes very violent, sometimes very calm, a very mad state, is a person who you never know what will happen to him in the next second。

Lutian Pool ↑

Cao Zheng, who has made his debut for many years, has been active in many quality film and television projects of well-known directors in recent years. After collaborating with director Zheng Xiaolong on Red Sorghum and The Legend of Miyue, with the two roles of Qian Yulang and King Huai of Chu becoming well known, Cao Zheng's "villain image"It left a deep impression on the audience。

The "Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" Cao Zheng challenges himself, a person plays two roles, not only has his familiar villain identity, but also the identity of a hero of the war of resistance, and his own play, it is interesting。

Not only Cao Zheng,Many classic TV shows feature one actor playing two or more roles,Usually these characters are very different from each other in terms of character,The audience roared ecstatically at the high contrast,Actors in order to perfect the interpretation of the role can be described as eight fairies across the sea, each show their talents。


Please turn on your cell phone when you land

Undercover cop


Sun Honglei in the "landing please open the mobile phone" respectively performed the two roles of undercover police and drug dealers, calm and light, introverted and extroverted, wearing stereotypes and wearing exaggerated and so on these contrasts, in Sun Honglei's interpretation of black and white, Zhao Baogang director also full of praise for his acting。


Wind and clouds dominate the world


Second dream

Jiang Qinqin played the two roles of the bright moon and the second dream respectively, the bright moon's ruthless, sad and the second dream of tenderness, love formed a sharp contrast。


Beauty scheming


Nie Shen 'er

In the play, Wang Likun a person is divided into the triangle, of which the most brilliant is to play Wang 娡 and Nie Shener, the scheming but weak Wang 娡, the ruthless Nie Shener, are vivid up by Wang Likun, the audience also loves and hates her。


The Knight of Swords III



In the play, Liu Shishi plays the role of dual personality, one is a kind of dragon Kwai, one is a murderous red Kwai, and there is a sharp contrast from the shape。


Xuan-yuan Sword



In the play, Hu Ge is divided into two corners, the cold-blooded and just Yuwentuo and the kind-hearted sword fool, from the shape, behavior and so on, these two images are portrayed by Hu Ge。


Ten miles of peach blossom



Zhao Youting respectively played a serious and stuffy master and love prince night Hua, although the difference in shape is not big, but Zhao Youting with his own acting, the two characters are interpreted out of their own characteristics, more netizens called "plastic acting"

Having seen so many TV dramas in which one person plays many roles, I can't help but sigh that these actors have their hearts in shaping characters. Let's pay attention to the Anti-Japanese War drama "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" and see what kind of surprise Cao Zheng will give us。