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"The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" shooting highlights (8)

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-08-27    

There are always some souls simple and fearless Cao Shiqi "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" ignited the flame of faith

Promoting the great spirit of the Long March of the Chinese nation, praising revolutionary heroism, and eulogizing the Communist people for their ideals and beliefs to take risks and sacrifice, the large-scale spy idol legend drama "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" has been filmedToday, Xiaobian is going to introduce you to a strong, just, martial arts underground party members - Gan Lu

October Day Media's young actor Cao Shi Qi in "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang" played a just and astute underground party member - Gan Lu, Gan Lu in the play has faith and martial arts, a face of justice a look is our belligerent friendly comrade ↓

Practice your skills, the world I have ↓

Under the guidance of justice and faith, we brave the dangers and move forward

Secretly put a carefully listen to the director of the play Cao Shiqi ↓

Although Cao Shiqi played Gan Lu is a woman who does not love red clothing and armed love, but the reality of film and television art often comes from the life of fuel, rice, oil and salt, how to do without a bit of smoke and anger

Although Cao Shiqi looks heroic when shooting martial arts scenes, in private, Cao Shiqi is a very delicate girl, contrary to the strong and rough image in the drama

In Cao Shi Qi's eyes, Nectar is very special: "Say that nectar is a hero or a chivalrous woman in troubled times, in the final analysis, it is forced to grow up under troubled times.Life is impermanent helpless, although I also always have a special 'tough woman' time, but Manlu is different, she is not only strong and always with a special tenacity in character, this strength is particularly strong, I think this is the spirit of the Long March reflected in the appearance of ordinary people."

Our phaseCredit tells the story in a small way, especially easy to move people。Looking forward to "The Secret Battle of the Brave Wujiang", want to see Cao Shiqi play friends remember to raise their hands at the "thumbs up" oh ~