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Major TV series "Great Twist" won the "Outstanding TV Drama Award" at the 32nd TV Drama Flying Awards

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2020-10-11    

The big TV series "The Great Twist"

Won the "Outstanding TV Drama Award" at the 32nd TV Drama Flying Awards


   2020年On the evening of September 28, the 32nd Chinese TV drama "Flying Sky Award" award ceremony was held at the Grand Theater of Hengshui Art Center in Hebei province. The award-winning works of the high-profile "Flying Sky Award" were announced on the night。Among them, the major revolutionary historical drama "Great Turn" stood out among the 50 shortlisted works and won the Feitian Award "Excellent TV Series Award".。


  Chinese TV drama Flying Sky Awards,It is sponsored by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China,China Television Arts Committee hosted the TV drama awards,It's the government award for Chinese TV drama,Together with the China Television Golden Eagle Award and the Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Award, it is also known as the Chinese TV series three awards,It is a review and evaluation of the ideological and artistic achievements of the previous year (or two years)。

  据悉,The Flying Sky Awards selected 50 finalists from more than 1,000 TV dramas over the past two years,Among them, 16 works such as "Great Turning", "Diplomatic Situation" and "Old Tavern" won the outstanding TV series award,"Operation Icebreaker" and other 34 works were nominated for the Outstanding TV Drama Award,Liu Jiang won the Outstanding Director Award, Ma Jihong won the Outstanding Scriptwriter Award, He Bing won the Outstanding Actor Award, and Qin Hailu won the Outstanding Actress award。

  The Great Turn is produced by the Publicity department of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee,Zunyi Municipal Party Committee, municipal people's government,Co-produced by Guizhou Radio and Television Station, Guizhou Provincial Literary Federation, Xiangqianjin Film and Television Company and Hunan Optical Media Co., LTD.Propaganda Department of Zunyi Municipal Committee, Guizhou Writers Association,Jointly produced by Huichuan District Party Committee and District People's Government,The drama is the first outstanding TV series to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China,Since August 26 last year, it has been broadcast in prime time on the comprehensive channel of China Central Television,Set off a ratings frenzy,It has been rebroadcast five times on CCTV 1 and 8。

  The drama also won the 2019 Central cultural Industry development support special fund award,And won the "Most Watched TV Series by College Students" at the 8th China College Students TV Festival,"TV Landmark" (2019) Won the "Outstanding Drama of the Year" in the Large-scale Survey List of China's TV Media Comprehensive Strength,"Outstanding Show of the Year" at the 2019 China (Shenzhen) International TV Show Trade Fair,Won the honorary title of "New Era" model at the first annual excellent event of Fusing Screen communication。


  "The Great Turning Point" mainly tells the battle course and legendary story of the Central Red Army during the Long March, breaking through difficulties and obstacles in Guizhou, achieving major victories and achieving a great turning point, which shows the greatest turning point in the course of the Chinese revolution。The play has great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance for carrying forward the traditional revolutionary spirit, the great Long March spirit, and constantly walking the Long March road in the new era。

  Zhong Chengxiang, chairman of the China Literature and Art Critics Association and a member of the leading group for the creation of film and television on the theme of National Major revolutionary history, commented that The Great Turning Point is a successful artistic practice with breakthrough significance in the theme of major revolutionary creation。

  Guizhou Provincial Party Committee publicity Department executive vice Minister Xu Jing pointed out,The TV drama "The Great Turn" is a new work in the field of film and television to tell the story of the Zunyi Conference and promote the spirit of the conference,On the basis of deeply exploring the inheritance value of red genes,It is the inevitable result of breeding, gathering and demonstrating the cultural power of Guizhou,It shows the strong momentum of Guizhou's cultural power。

  Chief producer and writer of the show,Ouyang Qiansen, chairman of Guizhou Provincial Literary Federation and Provincial Writers Association, said,This work successfully embodies the efforts and sweat of Guizhou Provincial Government, Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government, and Huichuan District Government,This is a film that pays tribute to faith,Only do not forget the original heart,I could have shed my blood,Move forward indomitable。Guizhou has a rich and colorful history and culture, red culture and national culture, which are the source of our cultural confidence。

  The planning of the play, Zunyi Municipal Committee Standing Committee, propaganda Department Minister, United Front Work Department Minister Zheng Xin said: "I hope to create and produce more literary works with thought, bones and temperature in the future, and tell the story of Zunyi.。”

  Wang Xianyu, member of the Standing Committee of Huichuan District Party Committee, Minister of Publicity Department and Minister of United Front Work Department, said that we will continue to focus on red culture, inherit red genes and tell good red stories。

  Li Wei, the chief director of the drama, said that the Great Turn won the national highest award for TV drama, which is the result of the joint efforts of the entire crew and all aspects of Guizhou and Zunyi, the result of the pursuit of truth and truth on the red theme, and the artistic fruit of telling the revolutionary history story with true feelings。

  获奖第一时间,记者电话采访了身在颁奖典礼现场的该剧毛主席饰演者侯京健,他兴奋地告诉记者:“能够获此殊荣,我无比激动。The award won by the show is not only an honor, but also a responsibility。In the future path of artistic creation, whether it is the crew team, or myself as a young actor, this heavy honor is a spur and a new way to create。With more "sophisticated and soulful" works, thank you and thank you for various honors and incentives。Finally, I would like to thank all the leaders, experts and audience friends for their support and help。Do not forget the original heart, forge ahead!This is our glory and dream!"

  At the same time,The reporter also interviewed Mo Jiangtao, general manager of Xiangqian Film and Television Company, who was also present at the award ceremony,"He said excitedly,"I can win a national award this time,It's a great encouragement to our producers,We are the leading enterprise of Guizhou film and television culture,We should always inherit the red gene and tell the story of Zunyi.We will use this award as motivation,Then again and again,For the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party next year, we will continue to dedicate high-quality films and TV dramas。At the same time, we must strive to further expand and strengthen the mode of highly integrated culture, tourism and business of "filming and staying", build the ancient city of Zunyi film and television base and the turning town into a new business card of Zunyi culture and Guizhou brand, and make new contributions to the construction of a socialist cultural power in Zunyi!"

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