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Human book (Group of Poems)

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2021-04-11    

Human book (Group of Poems)


Yang Xiuwu


● Stone ladder



Leaning against the silence of a mountain

As inapproachable or distant

Vicissitudes and loneliness


Distant spring

My father went to a distant place to build a railroad

When I left, on this mountain

Plant a lot of pear trees

All grow into sleepers


A distant wind came roaring

Shake off the flowers

Into the grass

I don't care if I go home

The snowflakes all stopped on schedule


I'll take the bullet train back

On the raised rails

Step up


Now, father is like a silkworm

The stone cocoons around him are like mulberry leaves

In the direction of the stone stairs

Chewing mulberry leaves out of a tunnel



● Blacksmith's shop


There is a pair of couplets on the door square

Alone in the cold wind of the old street

The upper link is a man  

The lower part is a woman

On the back of the couplet is a world of two people

A hammer never left his hand  

Four seasons bellows pull head


Hit some, eat some

Hit some, eat some...

The words in the bellows were taken by a woman

Pull out the flames with both hands

Drill the words on the pile by a man

Smash sparks with a hammer


The forge goes round and round

Spring comes and goes again

The woman is disabled. 

Begging men every day 

I did this to you

You're the only woman I've ever hurt in my life




When I burn lucky money for my father

A plume of blue smoke

Around my fingertips

Around in my body

Running through my veins

Around in my bones

Then wrap it around the door of Father's grave

Round my father's grave

Go around a frame

Father wore a blue cloth suit

Came to the stove with firewood in his arms


The smoke rising from our house

On a day when there's no wind

The smoke is a flagpole

When the sky turns

Smoke is a flying flag

Father sewed up mother's wound with cooking smoke

Our family is in the smoke

Like a fish in the sea


The sunset glow of the sky

Endless burning

Blue smoke came again from the loess covering my father

Wind out

Get out of the rock

No matter how it goes around

All incarnations of cooking smoke

All this, for the world

It's just a fleeting thing



● The remaining warmth of the corner of the eye


To the barbarian village near Enshi

Step early spring February

Only the driver and I were first-time

The bus went in and made two small turns

Blocked by a small house

Wrong way. Go back


I looked out the window

Mountains, vegetable fields and history are going backwards

The original character of those hills

Assassinated by who

The car has some cold symptoms

Swinging in the backslide


The wind sweeping the last of winter

Sweep us out of the car

Those red earth, blown by the cold wind

Human right and wrong

Still floating bloody and spinning


Bagong Mountain, being dug

Catch the bleeding, Bagong Creek

Rivers of blood have flowed

A real estate developer's excavator

I'm on my way. I'm taking the oath

Retired Director of Planning

Take off your glasses

A fish tail

In two pools with the reflection desperately





Barbarian King Camp

Maybe just a few wisps of smoke

Fire solidifies into mountains

There's phosphorous in the forest coloring the Barbarian King's eyelashes


Things change

Red sand powder, gray sand powder

A small description

It is the hometown of the Ba people

Home of the sea

Unwilling to go the sea, dead

Put all the blood in here

Pile all the bones here

Blood, scab into Danxia

Bones, increased karst


I don't want to go, old

With Danxia and karst

A little touch, like a blacksmith

Sparks were still flying

The ground was covered with rust





At the foot of the hill

There are stilts holding you up

Call the hillside time

There will be crops to feed you


The mountain people are guarding you

Tombs resemble mountains

A stone at the grave

Peak like


Under the mountain, the living filial name

Like a tree on a mountain

Lush and green


● The rock house of the Barbarian King


Iwaya was red and black

Several magnolia plants are red and purple


The people in front of the rock house are like ants

From the lowlands, to the tall buildings of Enshi City


And the old owner of the rock house

There was a rabbit under the purple magnolia tree


A row of Windows in the rock house, like

His son is in a tall building in the city


Every day

A row of lottery numbers


● Boil glutinous rice balls


I use a handkerchief. 

Gently scrub old mother's back

The sudden growth of black sesame seeds

I'll wrap it with ointment

The darker the bag, the darker the sesame

My heart

Like dumplings in a pot


Ninety year old mother

Didn't say I was good

She read it

My father was good to her

A year of railroad work in the distance

The dumplings I brought home were moldy

Like the beard on Dad's mouth

My mother remembered my father's kindness to me

Sixty-nine suddenly left

Didn't give me any trouble


The grandson crows like a crow

Grandpa cooked glutinous rice balls

All the black sesame seeds are out  


[About author] : Yang Xiuwu, Miao nationality。He is a member of the Chinese Writers Association, a member of the Chinese Minority Writers Association, and deputy director of the Ethnic Literature Working Committee of the Hubei Writers Association。