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Yang Yinglin of Buckzixi

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2021-06-20    

My Poverty alleviation story:


Yang Yinglin of Buckzixi


Ahn Won Chang

Write down your own poverty alleviation story,In this matter,I'm a man of culture who likes to talk about himself,Must be behind the curve,See recent wechat circle of friends,The screen is full of so-and-so's poverty alleviation stories,From the initial impulse to write the need to write gradually a little slack and cold,I feel that writing will be nothing more than a trivial recovery or a sad reappearance,Such as poor households began how disobedient,Later, I changed my mind with my own efforts;How young are the children,How old are parents,Family failure,Husband and wife cannot be reunited;How hard are the conditions in the village,How lonely is the night in the mountain country and so on。If everyone follows this routine, it naturally seems pretentious and artificial, and one person is worth it, if most people come in this way, that one elegant thing has become a nuisance and offense to the reader, why should I follow it?

But to write, still unwilling to be a laggard。So, I shifted the focus of the story, I do not write how I help the poor families to change their minds, determined to get rid of poverty and have been rid of poverty, I do not write how hard they have paid, painstaking and no regret toil。I just want to write in my poverty alleviationA "comrade in arms" on the "battlefield", his name is Yang Yinglin。


My work unit, the Federation of Arts and Culture, all people have the task of poverty alleviation, probably because no matter how small the unit, there are always some small things need to leave a person to do, so compared with other people in the unit, I only have the task of helping, rather than becoming a village worker like them。

In the first half of 2019, our unit's village and help personnel were almost all in the Buckzixi Village of Hepengxi Town, but there were several adjustments in the middle, and their village locations had been changed, and only I had a constant place of help in Buckzixi Village。

In this way, I met Yang Yinglin, who had just arrived at buckzixi village as a member of the village staff。The first impression he gave people was that he was tall, big, straight, plus tough, suffering。Then with the passage of time,Gradually I learned more about him,Like he's from the county attorney's office,He plays good basketball,He was an honorable soldier,Thirteen years of military service,Home in the army,Married a wife from Hunan,He had two daughters,The big ones go to primary school,The younger ones have not yet entered kindergarten and so on。

In the most stressful stage of poverty alleviation, I had to rush to Buckzixi Village from my work unit every Thursday, from Sinan to Hepengxi Town, a two-hour drive was not lost, and it took about 20 minutes to drive from the town to the village, which was the most troublesome thing for me without a private car。Fortunately, Yang Yinglin bought a used car, although he is in the village, but the two children are still small, he sometimes has an emergency, he will rush back from the village, but when he comes back to do the job, need to rush back to the village, he will ask me by the way whether I want to go to the village, if so, then take his car to go together。

In this way, he got a lot of rides, this feeling is afraid is not clear, but he does not care about his car, not to see so precious, reading children, old people, as long as on the road, he will take the initiative to stop the car, give them a ride, let alone I or he is helpingThe "comrades" in the "battlefield"。

His car is highly recognizable, not because of the model, but the license plate, ShanA's, it's not a luxury car, Dongfeng SUV, a fan logo, you know。Because of the special license plate and the body of the big, let him in the village of buckzixi, the people who can't remember people remember his car, the people who can't remember the car remember his people, and finally everyone knows, familiar with each other。So that Yang Yinglin in the village of Buckzixi, he can call any person in the village including the child's name, and any person in the village including the child knows him as Yang Yinglin。

I have seen during the help period, he drove the car to the villagers to pull a bag of grain home, take the elderly to the street, send patients to the hospital, to the villagers to receive relatives, these things, have not received a penny of oil money, the number of times can not be counted。This point, Guizhou Daily belongs to the financial mediaThe reporter of "Sky Eye News" came to the buckzixi village to interview that year, and the beginning was to interview the villager Liu Zhengping about his wife's falling down on a motorcycle to pull the pig cub, and Yang Yinglin drove her wife home。


In November 2019, the poverty alleviation work was extremely heavy, and the comrades who helped and were stationed in the village together with the team members were almost stationed in the village for a long time. Just a few months ago, the country was awarding the "Home of Glory" nameplate to the soldiers' home, and Yang Yinglin, as a demobilizing soldier, should naturally be awarded this piece of honor plate。

This honor plate was sent to their unit, but Yang Yinglin has not had time to collect it,On November 6, the chief prosecutor Qin Zhiyong, the leader of his unit, personally sent the honor plate, which belongs to the military alone, to the front line of poverty alleviation。

At that time, we were constructing bamboo fences on a wide road to beautify the countryside, and the Procurator General held a simple ceremony at the place where we were working, and Yang Yinglin took over the pieceAfter the nameplate of "Glory House", with the original heart of a veteran, he solemnly gave a military salute to someone in the place。

At that moment, my heart was suddenly deeply touched, almost tears wet eyes, different battlefields, the same mission, win, win, whether it is to protect the country, or poverty alleviation。Military temperament, iron and blood glory, I saw the kind of battlefield temper and melt into the blood of the effort。

If my knowledge of him before is limited to ordinary poverty alleviation"Comrades", that after this incident, I have a mysterious admiration for his military temperament that has never been passed and naturally revealed at any time, and deliberately wrote down the performance of his military temperament。

For example, his two daughters, the big one is in primary school, the little one has not yet entered kindergarten, and the wife is a person in Sinan Belt, but the wife is working in a public welfare post, and the family burden is like Mount Tai pressing the top, out of breath。He can not take into account, only recognize one head, that a champ love, only in the quiet night when down, with mobile phone video chat to care。At that moment, I thought of Yue Fei, a famous man in the Southern Song Dynasty"The enemy is not destroyed, why home for" only belongs to the dedication of the soldier。

For another exampleOne day in the summer of 2019, when the comrades of the support team drank a bottle of cold beer to quenchtheir thirst, Yang Yinglin suddenly said: "Believe it or not, I put this beer bottle on my head and break it.?"Naturally, everyone does not believe it, even if the soldiers, they have not seen such a course to practice in the army.。But Yang Yinglin did not say a word, picked up the bottle to the head a pat, "snap" a bottle broke, he was unharmed。At that moment, I felt that his strong physique and belief in victory could only be the characteristics of a soldier。

For another example,During the environmental sanitation crackdown,He's got the tools,Take everyone,Every house,Can shout out the name of the poor,Then explain why you're here,Do ideological work,随后,He always picks the hardest and most tiring work,Don't drag your feet,Not upside down,Three down, five out of two,To drive the poor households and the comrades of the help team to stretch and shake the environmental sanitation。At this moment, I felt that he was like a commanding general on the battlefield again。


I have had several times the impulse to write about Yang Yinglin, I have also on some occasions to Yang Yinglin frankly expressed his inner touch to his spirit of help, and even promised that when the poverty alleviation campaign is coming to an end and everyone has time to sort out the experience of poverty alleviation, I will definitely write his story。

But earthly life kept putting off my promise untilIn July 2020, because the crisp red plum in Tingziba Town is the ripe season, the local government invited people from the Sinan literary and art circles to the base to pick up the style, and I was also fortunate to be among the invited。The other comrades all set out from Sinan to Tingzi Dam. Because I was helping in the Buckzi Creek, I began to think that it was very close from Buckzi Creek to Tingzi Dam, so I planned to go straight from Buckzi Creek to Tingzi Dam。

I do not have a car, is considering what means of transportation to take, Yang Yinglin know this matter, he volunteered, readily said not to worry, although he did not drive from Sinan to the village this week, but borrow a motorcycle also want to send me to Tingzi dam。

The next morning, he really borrowed an elevated motorcycle, from the buckzi Creek to send me to Tingzi Dam, walk for a long time, I realized that the original from Buckzi Creek to Tingzi Dam, the distance is not even closer than from Sinan city to Tingzi Dam。Far, far away。


This one event strengthened my resolve to write about him, and so came the words you are reading。Because in the car,When the wind blows,I was thinking,The man who ran me down the road,There was a natural abruptness about him,A soldier who doesn't shy away from his mission,It can actually make me have a sense of stability and trust in my heart,He must be able to help the villagers on the way to the destination steadily。