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    When Wu Meili set out, it was Friday afternoon, and the weather was clear, like to embroider a word "spring" on the earth in December of the solar calendar。

    Some kind of test paper shows that this day or the next day is suitable for giving birth to new life, miss, and have to wait for a month, and even if there are 12 months in the year, the probability is small。But the human bet on preserving marriage is one hundred percent, even if the odds are zero。Although her man, Liu Yingjun, says he will not divorce her, with or without children。However, if she really wants a man to protect her for a lifetime at the cost of losing her children and grandchildren, she will also have a deep conscience。Anyway, why don't you try。As long as you make enough efforts before menopause, even if you fail, you will not regret each other。Giving birth to a child is a big deal, and for a single person, it can be considered a great feat。

    However, Wu Meili and Liu Yingjun live apart for many years。One in...GA provincial college teacher, one inHA village in a county in a province as a village cadre。According to the Autonavi map, the distance between the two is 7336.33 miles。This distance means that when you miss the initiation, you can only solve the pain of love through the phone。Even if there is an impulse to meet, driving a car to meet each other, if the energy is sufficient, there is no traffic jam on the highway, and there is no refueling rest halfway, it will take four hours。And the four-hour drive is enough to turn the missing feeling into an unawakened sleep。Enthusiasm may still linger, but only after getting enough sleep。In the past, each other occasionally had such a step on the accelerator, the idea of starting for each other, and often put into reality。But now, as I get older, I have more to do but less to do。

    What's more, now is the post-epidemic period, there are regulations, no special circumstances can not cross the province, there are special circumstances, but also have to report。

    I don't know if it's a special situation to have new life?Yes, and no。Just do the math. You can't use that as an excuse every time。Moreover, after a few times, it has not been effective, and then take it out as a reason, others will not believe it, do not believe it is a small matter, and will ask you: How, not yet pregnant?

    Ah, so ugly。Ugly as hell。It's not just ugly, it's embarrassing。It's a disgrace.。

    Wu Meili call Liu Yingjun to discuss this family event, also considered to report, but even if you find the right reason to write an application up, it is too late。Some menstrual periods in women, like the natural seasons, wait for no one。By the time the application was approved, the hot water had cooled。

    They talked for a long time, but no good solution came to mind。But, as long as it doesn't cross provinces, it's not a violation。好在G省和HSkip the border. Let's meet at the border。Liu Yingjun said: as long as our travel code shows that it is the province, it is OK, of course, it will inevitably cross the line, if it is not foolproof, then let me bear the risk of letting the travel code change!After all, you have an official unit. It's very strict。

    The result of the discussion is that the location is located at the border of the two provincesG省的YCounty field town, driving, avoid contact with outsiders;Bring your toiletries, quilts, slippers, mineral water, and be prepared to stay in the car。

    They suddenly felt that they were a pair of doomed mandarin ducks, beaten apart by life, and trapped by the epidemic, even the cowherd and the weaver girl。However, if this plan can be successful, then, and open up a happy way for each other's future。The so-called future is foreseeable。So they were ready to go。

    Wu Meili made a lot of preparations, stuffed the trunk full, as if the new life would be born immediately, as if she could be a mother immediately, and prepared everything that should be prepared。

    The key is to get in the mood。Be happy, not sad;Be sure to relax, not tense。

On Friday afternoon the sun was fine, and she set out into it, intending to do something holy and glorious。

    She texted him. She was off。He didn't return.。She thought he was driving and had no time to return。

    Tian town is away from Wu Meili's residenceTThe city's not far. It's an hour's drive。However, Liu Yingjun is far away, it takes at least four hours to get there by car。Wu Meili drove slowly, enjoying the scenery along the way。But even if he drove slowly, he got there early。She sent him wechat again: I am here。He didn't call back。He must be on the highway, she thought。

    She drove to the parking lot of the National Park in Tianzhen and took a nap。When I awoke, it was neither light nor dark, and a soft sun shone on the golden spire at the back of the hill, and clouds rose in the sky like cotton wool for the moon。The moon is afraid of cold, Wu Meili thought。I don't know if it is just wake up, Wu Meili suddenly feel very cold。Well, it's late December. How warm can it get。If not the heart has been warm, perhaps, already feel cold。

    Not only cold, but also hungry。She helped herself to some bread and planned to wait for Liu Yingjun to come and have dinner together。

    It's been a while since they've had dinner together?Don't count. Two months, 16 and a half days。

    After another two hours, Liu Yingjun still did not arrive。She was so hungry and cold that she went to a noodle shop in town and ate a bowl of noodles。Shredded pork noodles, no pepper, no pepper, green vegetables in clear soup。

    After eating, I went back to the car. It was too cold in the car。Turn on the heat, it's still cold。Just in the noodle shop, listen to the boss said that it is going to snow tonight, it is really going to snow。The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect, so she didn't pay much attention to the weather, did she。She had other, warmer things on her mind。

    But it's getting cold now。The cold is unbearable。Open the mobile phone, a check, really forecast to snow tonight。

    How late it is tonight?According to custom, the period between dark today and dawn tomorrow morning is called tonight。It's getting late. It's already tonight。The snow had not yet fallen, but it was distinctly cold。It's cold. I can't stand the cold。

    Wu Meili thought of Liu handsome, is he cold?Will he come in this cold?She rubbed her phone repeatedly, wanting to call him, but afraid to call him in case he was driving on the highway and couldn't answer。Worst of all, he'll answer。She loves him, she's in her 40s and she wants to have a baby with him。No children to maintain the family sooner or later will break up, the point is, she is the second marriage, has a child, the ex-husband with;Liu Yingjun is married for the first time and has no children。

    She breathed a breath and looked up to see a thick layer of water vapor on the glass of the car in front of her。Through the vapor, she could see a neon blur not far away。The signs of all kinds of hotels are bright and attractive。Drive over there, get a room at any one of them, that'll solve the problem。That's what she thinks and that's what she does。After showing the health code and the travel code, she walked through the procedure of opening the room, and she walked into the room with the box。She also sighed at the clothes in the trunk as she went to pick up the suitcase。I was going to spend the night in the car, but I couldn't resist the surprisingly cold。

    It's different when you're in a hotel。Home at home. That's a good word。Turn on the hot water to wash your face, wash your feet, warm your body, then turn on the air conditioner, get into bed, and the outside world has nothing to do with her。But, can it not be?Liu Yingjun is still on his way。

    She checked her phone again, this time to check the time。By appointment, he should have arrived by now。When he gets there, he should call her。Her cell phone doesn't shut down. It's fully charged。If he doesn't call, he's not here yet。If it doesn't, let her worry。A worry worries, a worry stomach pain。Of course, the cold was also a factor。She usually has stomach problems, often put medicine in her bag, eat well。But she could not eat it and dared not。She had to hold her stomach. She had to。She knew that if she took those pills, all her plans for the day would be ruined。Her engagement with him lost all meaning。For a while she felt that the whole point of meeting a man as a woman was to have children。Sometimes, feel very glorious;Sometimes, feel very sad。

    She watched some TV to distract herself。Stomach pain, watching TV, thinking about things, actually fell asleep。

    Woke up, she subconsciously touched the phone, a look, scared out of a cold sweat: 6 a.m。

    Liu Yingjun hasn't come yet。

    She was anxious and angry and wanted to cry。Trembling hands, endure grief, press Liu Yingjun's number。A beep came and the phone went through。There's no answer at the moment。She was so afraid that her head began to shake, and so did her teeth。I hope he picks up and I hope he doesn't。She had a hunch. She had a bad hunch。She hoped the premonition was an illusion。However, it was immediately confirmed。He really didn't come。He seemed to be asleep, and when he answered the phone, he was still talking in his sleep。

    "Are you there yet?”

    "The weather forecast says there's going to be heavy snow and I'm afraid I won't be able to come back。”

    “怎么?You didn't come.?”

    "I, I didn't not come --"

    "So where is it?It's been so long. Why haven't you arrived yet?I'm so worried!"

    "I, I drove halfway and came back!"

    Wu Meili's hand trembled, and her phone almost fell down。Anger, shame and anger, at a loss。

    She thought she had misheard, but dared not repeat it。He spoke clearly, expressed himself clearly, and there was no ambiguity。

    But she asked nervously and timidly, "Where did you go??”

    Liu Yingjun said, "I was afraid of the snow and went home。He added, "The weather forecast said it was going to snow, and it seemed to snow last night - well, it did!"Open the window and look!"

    Wu Meili moved her heavy body out of bed, barefoot, stepped on the floor, and moved to the window, holding the phone in one hand and opening a corner of the curtain with the other。Through the dim street lights of the town, she saw the falling snow。Like her tears are falling。Look at the ground, already filled with a thick layer。Quiet between heaven and earth。The snow fell with a sound, like her heart beating, like her breathing, like her tears。However, all around her was quiet, as if there was no heartbeat, no breath, no tears。

    If he had come, they could have stood at the window and watched the snow together。You can hug, you can kiss, you can --

    What happened to snow being romantic?Doesn't she also like to see the snow, enjoy the snow, and play in the snow?Hasn't it snowed in years?Aren't you looking forward to the snow?But at this time, why did she not like the beautiful and rare snow like goose feather?

    She suddenly felt that she was a snowflake, cold and proud, helpless and determined。Falling, sinking, sticking to the ground。

    "See?I'm glad I didn't go, or I wouldn't have come back!"Liu Yingjun became unusually sober。The tone reveals great wisdom and wisdom, revealing the happiness after timely stop loss。His eyes should have been round, big, bright, and he could see the snow in front of him, but he could not see her in the distance, standing by the window。

    Wu Meili held the phone's hand and kept fighting。Heart cold to the extreme。It's really cold.。

    She tried to steady her emotions, controlling the volume of her voice, so that Liu Yingjun would not hear her tears and sobs。Miss is a voice, despair also has。There is no doubt that the curse of the heart has a voice。

She said to herself:TMLiu Yingjun, you deserve to die!

    Liu family people put the responsibility on her Wu Mei, even if she miscarried for him twice, but also no pity for her heart。And even if she lowered her personality to plan for him, she could not get his understanding and cooperation。She is getting older, her health is getting worse, the chance of successful pregnancy is getting smaller and smaller, and the risk of childbirth is getting bigger and bigger。She was anxious, he was anxious, but he wasn't as anxious as she was。For men, there are opportunities。exchangeable。The children that other women give birth to are children。Just get someone younger。

    Wu Meili thought so, feel hopeless。Perhaps, Liu Yingjun has another woman at this time。Perhaps, he did not start at all, the so-called halfway, is also a lie。There is a kind of unspeakable sadness。

"Where are you?Liu Yingjun felt Wu Meili's silence and asked。

    "In a place you would never dream of finding。"Wu Meili said and hung up the phone。And turn off the machine。

    Looking at the snow outside the window, she laughed coldly, and then turned and ran to the bed, lying on the quilt, and cried。Sad, hopeless, disheartened。贱。

    The stomach began to colic again。Let it be。Cry. Just keep crying。If it hurts, it doesn't hurt to have a stomach ache。何止?It hurts everywhere!

     Tired of crying, she fell asleep again。I had a dream。In the dream, she was disciplined by the leader。Work is bad, life is bad, marriage is bad, birth is bad。Middle-aged second marriage woman Wu Meili is a bit timid。

    She woke up crying。The reality did not cry enough, and ran to the dream to cry。My stomach didn't hurt as much, but I had no appetite and didn't want to eat。

    Went to the bathroom to clean up。Heart move, and take a test paper to test once。One bar was dark red, the other light red, barely visible。The light one is the detection line. It was dark red yesterday。This means that the opportunity is lost。She could not help smiling coldly again。Sad, helpless, hopeless。She wanted to take a photo of the test paper and send it to Liu Yingjun, but she thought, no。There's no need for an old woman to be so pretentious?Besides, the phone's still off。

    Wrapped the tissue paper around it and threw it in the trash。She felt like she'd had another miscarriage, a dull pain in her lower abdomen。She cried and looked in the mirror。The mirror in the hotel bathroom is bright, without a blemish。The wrinkles and spots on his face were reflected in the mirror with startling clarity。She was convinced that when she set out yesterday, she was beautiful, she was handsome, but today she was like this。Yesterday, hope. Today, despair。

    I looked in the mirror for a second。His eyes were dry and swollen and he couldn't cry if he wanted to。It's no use crying, not for the man who's a province away。Far hydrolysis can not be near thirst。I was thirsty last night, and I don't seem so thirsty today。

    There were many eyes staring at her in the mirror, which was the shower in the bathroom。Take a bath。

    She silently unwrapped the clothes, layer by layer。When his own skin was shown in the mirror, he could not stop crying。The skin of a woman in her forties is still so white, still so elastic, without a blemish。Not like that face. It looks old。She suddenly felt not so old, but very young。Young skin needs to be caressed to match, but there is hardly any。The skin on the body of a woman in her 40s is delayed by wrinkles on her face, and gives off fragrance, but it can only admire itself。

    When she turned on the rain shower, she cried again。Stuffy and hysterical。This bath is a little long。Some do not waste some hot water in the hotel, but some do not waste their money。The sound of water covered the cry, like spring thunder in the faint sound。In the bathroom of the hotel, there is a spring that the world cannot find。Every inch of her skin that she washed was like a land freshly covered with snow, hiding the secrets of spring。

    When you get out of the shower, wrap it in a white towel。He stood in front of the mirror again, without blowing his hair, letting the water drip。When there are no tears, the water can be filled up。After bathing, the wrinkles on his face also seem to be much less, and he does not look so old。But this is just the appearance, biological age is old。His eyes were red, like those of a white rabbit。She looked down at the trash basket again and felt that there was a baby in it。The eyes are redder。Why can't a woman shed tears?

    No change of clothes, just put them on。After that, I put on some skin care products and light makeup。After putting on makeup, I feel pretty。In front of the mirror, and want to cry, is the spring want to rain the kind of cry。Finally held back。There's no use crying any more。

    At noon, taking the bag out of the door, want to go to the street to eat some breakfast。After passing the lobby, the front desk clerk asked, "Are you renewing??She said, "Don't continue, go back later.。The waiter then asked, "Where are you going??"She did not answer。I wonder, does it matter to you where to go?

    When I got outside, I found it was snowing heavily。Not so big。The snow was thick on the ground。God was really willing to toss last night, must be the whole night did not sleep, give the world a whole face, the whole beautiful, but also the whole unrecognizable。She remembered the world associated with fairy tales。Of course, she had long since stopped believing in any fairy tales。She thinks that fairy tales are lies。There is no lie more beautiful than a fairy tale。To read fairy tales in childhood is to be blinded by ignorance。When I grow up, I find that the story in the fairy tale is a lie, and then I cry my eyes out。The cry is over, and the fairy tale becomes a narcotic。

    The snow is cold, but people are having fun。Weekend, snow weekend。The adults who live well like to play, and the children who don't study well also forget that they are not happy。This snow, to how many people brought joy, but also to how many people brought misfortune。

    Wu Meili looked at the sky, and let the snow fall on her face, hair, and swollen eyelids。Snow may be too lonely in the sky, just thought of the world to join in the fun。

    Bought a steamed bun in the steamed bun shop, ate it, and was full。Dare not eat carelessly, stomachache。Not very demanding of life。But, not happy。Don't ask much of a man。But, not happy。Being separated for a long time made her feel cold。It snowed last night and became colder。

    Liu Yingjun is right。He who knows the time is a good man。At this time, no one knows that she is in a foreign country for a great and unspeakable mission。Get out there and make people laugh。Maybe, even Liu Yingjun is laughing at her。He must have thought she was trying to get romantic with him on the grounds of having a baby。Liu Yingjun, who deserves to die!She uttered a silent curse。Just finished the steamed bread, should have the strength to curse。But, exhausted。Her enthusiasm was exhausted。

    Cold and tired and hopeless and pathetic and mean。She could not even breathe, and wanted to kneel down。

    The snow is so white that one can kneel without fear。But she did not kneel。This damn snow, can really fall at the right time, early and late, in her "dangerous period" under。It seems that snow is more vicious than human nature。She cursed fiercely in her mind。

    The weather is never human, and neither is the human period。There was nothing she could do。Blame Liu Yingjun。When I agreed with him, the sky was clear, where was it snowing?Even if snow was in the forecast, it would be hours away, and he could get here before it piled up all over the ground。If he had a heart。Apparently, he has no interest in dating。I don't want to have kids with her. I don't like her。It's ridiculous to be stood up by your own man。She sneered。It should be a half, the last half, and she's stuck, not smiling。Not funny。

    A man in the prime of his life does not want his wife so much, in addition to not liking it, perhaps because he has a "new like".。She muffled voice thinking, and Liu Yingjun angry, and angry with themselves。Kicking the snow under his feet。It's thick. Much thicker than I thought。Looking at the road, I realized that I didn't see a car except for people throwing snowballs everywhere。Shut down?

    Seeing the man with the red armband, she went up to ask。The man said, "With such thick snow, you dare to drive on the highway.?You're afraid you're going to die!"He said, "Don't go on the highway, some areas are closed, only allowed to go on.。Wu Meili said "thank you", and then walked resentfully towards the snow。There's no going back. There's no going back。Let's go see the snow。Since there is no resistance to this force of nature, let it be enjoyed。

    She walked toward the crowd, saw the snowman, and watched it, laughing and laughing with others。No one knows her. No one cares about her。The snowman lacked nose and eyes, and she also took out two longans from her pocket and gave them, the shell became the nostrils and the core became the eyes。When others said "thank you", she was as happy as a child。A couple took pictures in the snow, she was curious to watch, they asked her to help take a group photo, she took a picture for them, they said "thank you", she was happy to forget her own situation。There was a child alone rolling a snowball, but it could not roll, so she went to roll with him。When the roll was big enough, the child's mother came and pulled the child away。The child felt some nostalgia for her, but the mother looked at her with strange and wary eyes。She patted the snow off her hands and smiled awkwardly。

    She looked around and found that everyone was busy except herself。It turned out that she had never been part of the crowd。If Liu Yingjun were there, then her whole world would be different。

    She began to hate Liu Yingjun again。Indescribable loneliness gushed out of my heart。The snow scene was so beautiful, but to her, it was particularly bleak。Go back. Go back where?Go to a hotel。When I arrived at the hotel, I found that because I did not renew the room, the room had been occupied by others, and the luggage was left at the front desk。

    "Your phone is off。This is a tourist area。House prices have also gone up。I'm so sorry。The receptionist's pretty face smiled reluctantly。He's not afraid to tear his face off。

    Wu Meili said still want to live, ask if there is a room。The man still smiled and said, "Sorry, no。Last night, many of the guests off the highway are staying in the town, other hotel rooms may be a little tense。Wu Meili white the woman at a glance, did not speak, settled the account, picked up the suitcase, and turned to go。From behind came a murmur, vaguely, as if to say that she had been stood up on a date with her lover。The sound of crying in the bathroom in the morning is really some big, and it is listened to, and some speculation is normal。I mean, she's living a very dysfunctional life?People laugh at her, they're afraid of her, they're afraid she'll commit suicide in a hotel or something。Even if she had a house, no one would give it to her。With this in mind, she laughed again, this time to the end of two laughs。

    To the parking lot, only to find that the most loyal to her car was covered with snow, like a big bread, stupid and lovely。The door won't open, the trunk won't open。She cursed the snow again。It was down merrily and showed no intention of stopping。Unlike some of her periods, the snow was more stubborn。She couldn't help admiring Liu Yingjun's wisdom。He was right。Cut your losses in time, unlike her。

    Where to go?Because of this snow, where is the problem。

    It was difficult to walk in the snow with the suitcase。When she reached the main road, she saw a car passing by. She looked at the car and it stopped in front of her。The owner asked, "Do you want to stay??"Wu Meili staredSUVThe thick chain on the wheel, said: "You can rent your car to go.T城么?"The owner looked at the day, ha breath, smiled, wearing a mask, what kind of smile can not see?。However, the eyes conveyed enough information to match his reply: "No。More than a hundred miles!- Such a heavy snow, can't you stay down, after two days of snow to go!"Wu Meili asked, "Where?远么?"She desperately needed a place to live。"Not far, just on the edge of town。These two days national park activities, came to a lot of people, snow at night and from the highway up and down a lot of people, the town hotel hotel is not enough to live, it is not, we come to pick up guests。"Said, pointing to the back of the car。Wu Meili sure enough saw three people holding luggage sitting on it。The man saw Wu Meili some hesitation, and turned over the photos of their family hotel to show her, and said the price。Feel the environment and decoration is not bad, the price is about the same as last night, also a single room。All aspects make Wu Meili more satisfied, so he nodded。

    The snow was still falling, deep and dark, and it seemed that it would not stop for a while。Fortunately, the class is finished, and there is no need to sit in class, and it is OK to stay here for a few days, as a tourist。During the epidemic, you can't go out of the province, this place is just right, at the border of the two provinces, the travel code will not change。When she remembered the original intention here, she could not help but sigh, alas, the plan could not catch up with the change。Think of Liu Yingjun, my heart is colic。It is said that company is the longest confession of love, his confession?His confession was, "The weather forecast said it was going to snow. I came back halfway."。What does this mean?It means he dumped her, in the middle of a snowy night。It is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and this feeling is very "true", which really makes people feel cold, even colder than this ice and snow。

    The family hotel is a little far away, much farther than Wu Meili imagined, sitting in the car, looking out of the window, only feel that through a white wilderness, vast。Wu Meili was afraid that he had left the province, and asked: "Is your shop in Tian Zhen??The human: "Of course!"

    The courtyard is very large, like a resort, and the environmental conditions are very good, so I did the check-in procedure。Got a private room。The rooms are as well furnished as hotels in town。She went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It was bright and reflected her very well。Turn on the faucet and test the water and temperature, are very satisfied。The idea of taking a bath came back to her。That kind of spring is rippling in my heart, looking at myself in the mirror, my face is a little red, I do not know whether it is frozen red by snow gas, or hot red by my own inner thoughts。She felt a pang of shyness。

    Out of the bathroom, she ran breathlessly to the window, closed the curtains, turned back, turned on all the lights, threw herself on the bed and cried。She felt that there was something inside her that could only be released by crying。My eyes hurt. They're salty with tears。Lonely, depressed, oppressed。It seems that crying is not enough to relieve boredom, you must also shout。And she actually screamed, whoo whoo whoo, like a Wolf, like a tiger。Soon there was a knock on the door。She quieted down and didn't want to answer the door。She knows she's disturbing someone。It's very uncivilized. Yes, very uncivilized。When loneliness and loneliness disturb a person, it is also very uncivilized, but it is impossible to use polite behavior to make them stop disturbing。On the other hand, when she was using a barbaric way to stop the lonely and lonely disturbance, others came to knock on the door to stop it, which is also a disturbance, very rude and impolite。She wanted to vent her anger on the person who knocked at the door, but it was irrational to be angry at strangers, and if it was Liu Yingjun, it was another matter。Liu Yingjun how smart ah, he did not come, to avoid the snow, to avoid the quarrel, at the same time, also to avoid the "burning"。

    Boom!Boom!Boom!The knock on the door continued。Wu Meili lost some reason, angrily ran away, pulled the door open, just want to scold, see a very handsome young man standing outside, so, and swallow the curse words back。Men wear a suit outside, wear a shirt inside, the body is very good, is the type of Wu Meili heart。She stared at his waist。It was a waist she wanted to hug。Her imaginary favorite gesture was to ignore the suit, reach out from the front and wrap her arm around the shirt-wearing waist, and then bury her head on the man's chest so that the suit covered half of her face。This vision flashed back in her mind many times。However, it never happened, because Liu Yingjun is too fat to wear a suit and has never worn a suit。Therefore, her imagination can only be imagination, not even ideal。

    The man in front was in line with her imagination, her ideal image, but she could not do such an action。She hasn't got the guts to offend anyone yet。

    "Can you, can you not be so loud, the sound insulation of this wall is not good, disturbing our rest!"The man's eyes are very strange, the tone is not so polite, and a little inexplicable。

    "Husband, why did you come out without a padded coat??A woman emerged from the next door with a cotton-padded coat for the man to wrap around。Then, with the same inexplicable eyes looked at Wu Meili。The woman is very beautiful, very young, and they stand in front of her, making Wu Meili, who is more than forty years old, feel ashamed。But, not to be outdone, she gave them one look and snapped the door shut。The next thing she knew, she heard someone calling "psycho."。It's a woman's voice。

    "You're the crazy ones!"She whispered back a curse。

    Then she felt a strange sadness。Liu Yingjun didn't come, where did you come from??But you have you!The thought of the woman living next door has a husband who is so handsome and can wear a suit with a shirt, Wu Meili inexplicably gushed out of jealousy。As if the man was her lover, and he knew she was there, but he lived next door to her with his wife, putting on "you" drama。Thus, her grievance and pain added a few points。

    If Liu Yingjun comes, "we" is "we", you go to your "you".。She thought angrily, complaining about Liu Yingjun, complaining about the unexpected snow, complaining about the strange man and woman living next door。Grumbling and grumbling, my stomach is hungry。It was getting late and it was time for dinner。Fortunately, this hotel has a kitchen, take money to the restaurant front desk, you can order food。

    After dinner, it was late。Lanterns were lit up in the wide courtyard。The lanterns are all red。A red light, like the New Year。It was still snowing and there were many people playing in the yard。From the east to the west, and from the west to the east。Wu Meili doesn't play in the snow, she only walks。From the east to the west, and then from the west to the east, and then the hair。She touched her phone, a little bored。Do not want to turn on, so that the room money and deposit are used in cash。There were so many people checking in that they didn't check the health code or the travel code, so she took her luggage upstairs。She doesn't want to turn it on.。She has turned off her phone since she spoke to Liu Yingjun in the morning。She didn't want to hear any explanation, didn't want to hear any excuse, didn't want to hear the "afterthought" of the words of concern。All words are pale, whiter than the snow。She wants action. She wants real action。Liu Yingjun's career is relatively free, and even if he can't go back, he can ask for leave。And come, even if it snows, it does not hinder them what, happily embrace each other do not need to see the face of the snow, breeding offspring do not need to get the approval of the snow。When it snows, accompanied by someone, it is much warmer than what charcoal fire blows what air conditioning。He did not come, not escaped a snow disaster, but missed a snow scene。No, he probably doesn't care about the snow at all, just as he doesn't care about dating his wife for the sake of procreation。

    Wu Meili felt the sadness of being a tool man。

    She looked up at the snowy black sky, breathed in deeply, and breathed out long。The man and woman next door also came out to enjoy the snow, hand in hand, laughing and talking to each other, like there are endless silly words。Wu Meili did not want to face them, and went back to the room from the other side of the corridor。I do not know whether the men and women saw her, in short, in the evening, they were very fierce, as if they were deliberately retaliating against Wu Meili。Luckily, there's a TV in the room。TV is a great thing late at night。

    Next door is too thrilling, the kind of negative energy transmitted by the sound, let Wu Meili at a loss, simply turn off the TV。She felt that her chest was very congested, stuffy, uncomfortable, difficult to walk, and could only roll on the bed。Suddenly angry, she stood on the bed, picked up the covers, raised them, and hurled them down。Then, he rolled silently onto the quilt, curled up and held himself, letting his shoulders lurch violently, his chest heave violently, that is, clenched his teeth and did not cry。

    The so-called widowhood, no comparison, no harm, if all the people in the world are widowhood, widowhood is not widowhood。

    How did she sleep that night, I can't remember。When she woke up, she was sleeping in the bed, not on the floor, with the covers covered, the air conditioner on, and the curtains closed。It seems that people still have a sense of self-protection, and this sense of protection is most intense when they are half awake。She suddenly thanked Liu Yingjun for not coming。In case she gets pregnant, in case he doesn't want her, in case she miscarries again, it's still her that gets hurt。Wu Meili was glad that she could think of this layer, and then sneered twice。

    It was a Sunday and the sky was gray, the snow was intermittent and showed no signs of melting。The road's not clear. Nobody's gone yet。The interest in playing with snow was still very strong, and in the afternoon, the interest waned。Some began to think about going to work, but most seemed to have asked for leave。Wu Meili does not have to sit, this layer did not consider, however, to keep communication open。She doesn't want to turn it on yet. She plans to turn it on Monday morning。

    At 6:30 a.m. Monday, she turned on the machine。There are alerts for incoming calls, wechat andQQNews, there are Liu Yingjun, there are units, it doesn't matter。The most handsome Liu, no pain。Lying at home in bed or electric heating desk to send a message, and how can it be painful?So thinking, the phone rang, she was shocked, a look is the unit office colleagues called, she dared not answer, take the work seriously。接了。Said the top brass was calling a meeting, and she was one of them。Oh, shit. Her first thought was。She can't go back!So, she said the difficulties, but did not say that he was in the town of field, colleagues asked: "You will not be out of the province.?In the special period, it is necessary to leave the province without reporting, but it must be criticized。Wu Meili quickly said, "No!Not yet!Not only the province, not even the city。The colleague said: "Well, I don't have the right to approve the leave, you give a leader to call it!"He said, "When we come back, we will check your travel code, please understand.。She said, "OK!"After hanging up the phone, she called a leader, heard that she could not participate in such an important meeting, the leader was very angry, repeatedly asked her: "Is not out of the province, is not back.HSave it!"She had to tell the truth to the leader that she was in Tian Zhen。After listening to the leader, he said: "Do you know that it is working time, even if the class is finished, even if you do not have to sit in class, you can not run so far during working hours!"Wu Meili had to timidly said, "I came out on Friday, and the weather was still fine when I came out, who expected it to snow??After hearing this, the leader said, "OK!"I'll ask for leave from your superiors!Oh, what a pity that you missed such an important meeting!"She said something like, "Thank you, I'm sorry, I don't want to.。

    She caught her breath after hanging up the phone。After a long time, the heart and soul will set。Then, and glad that they did not save, did not let the travel code change。She rubbed her phone, opened wechat, and turned up the health code, green。Open the travel code again, cast a confident glance, and then, livid with fear。It clearly says, "You are in front14Within days or via:GT市、F市”。She rubbed her slightly less swollen eyes, trying to see more clearly, but it was clear, and that was how it was shown。Isn't this Tian Zhen?Field town doesn't belongGT市吗?How did I get out of here?How did I get out of here?She was talking to herself in a drowsy, confused way, unable to believe it, yet unable to believe it。She laughed, bitter, sad, helpless, ready to cry。

    The ground is covered with snow, a vast expanse of white, is it electronic devices can not tell the provincial boundaries?Although Tian Zhen is the border of the two provinces, after all, it has not been out of the province。Unless the boss lied to himself, clearly out of the field town, but told her here is the field town。She tried to restrain her anger and asked the boss, who proudly told her a funny thing: "My yard is very special!"You know how special?Wu Meili held her breath and waited for him to say the following。He thought he aroused her interest, so he continued to brag: "My yard ah occupy the best feng shui, it can be said that a courtyard across two provinces, can smell the two provinces of chickens and dogs cry!"Wu Meili mouth a smoke, ah a sound。The male boss thought she did not believe, the mood is more excited, more want to prove to her, said: "My yard ah, is in the boundary between the two provinces, the east is.HProvince, west end isGSave it!Don't believe you walk around and see if the phone will be affectedHA message from the provincial authorities?Wu Meili weakly hehe hehe three times, softly rebuked: "Why didn't you tell me earlier??Then he turned and went to the room。He fell down on the bed, unable to laugh or cry。What should I say to the leader?In any case, it is inevitable to report criticism, and how can we province at critical moments?

    She's got her worst fears, isn't it。Everything was in her plan, except this snow。The snow disrupts everything, including the whole baby thing。If it hadn't been for the snow, it might have happened。It is terrible that a snow can decide the disappearance or existence of a person。

    In the afternoon, the snow had not melted, and some sections of the highway were still under traffic control。Can not go backT城。Bored, she wanted to find the boss theory, you lied to me, always should give me less room fee?However, she felt wrong。It's not a good thing to be alone here, fighting with others, or personal safety。The boss was in the parking lot for one of the guests to clear the snow outside the car, Wu Meili walked over and asked, "Back.TThe roads of the city are open?The boss said, "Why go?T城?There's an outbreak there, imported from other provinces, positive, one case。They say they're shutting down the city. It just went online。What were you doing there?Doesn't it smell good to be here?It's not expensive!"Wu Meili did not believe it, went to the wechat circle of friends to see。Someone did retweet the official message。

    She quickly called a colleague's phone, the colleague said yes。Next, she saw all kinds of anti-epidemic information successively released in the wechat group of the unit, and knew that everyone was busy。She tried to call the leader to explain her own things, but the leader was very busy, and the tone was blunt: "You don't mess up, since you went out, don't come back for the time being!"We'll deal with you later!"

    It is this "later" let Wu Meili panic。There's a growing emergency over there, calling for a citywide nucleic acid test。The second day,The circle of friends posted various pictures of everyone standing in the snow and waiting,She knows people are suffering,But she didn't feel good about it herself,于是,Told his story to another colleague who was having a good time,But others think her story is too bizarre,Don't believe her,还说,You're in luck.,You don't have to do home quarantine and nucleic acid testing。She thought, am I lucky?We'd be lucky not to have this snow!Had it not been for the snow, there would have been no need to "talk later", she would have gone back by Sunday。If there is no snow, their husband and wife will date as scheduled, and then Liu Yingjun and her return to their respective provinces, each with indescribable satisfaction and hope that can be expected to run to the future life。No one believes that the snow brought her what kind of "disaster", Liu Yingjun did not say, the leader came to a "later" - she is too difficult!

    She began to lose sleep, unable to sleep day or night, and became emaciated and irritable。Want to find someone to quarrel and vent anger, but can not find objects, can find only Liu handsome, but Liu handsome only listen to do not say。He's the kind of guy you can't fight with。When you scold him, he does not return, and when you scold you, your stomach hurts, your head is dizzy, and your strength is gone, he will come to a top that makes you upset: "You this woman is really unreasonable, why don't you find God to scold.?Did I make the snow?Did I make the snow?"Then, hang up the phone, do not shut down, is to call again, he will not answer.。Dead or alive。Left Wu Meili alone lying on the white bed of the hotel angry to grasp the sheet, gnashing teeth, to die。

    After three or four days of this ordeal, the snow finally melted。The nucleic acid test came back, too. All negative。TThe city is not in danger。Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but she couldn't relax。She drove back exhaustedTCity, but was stopped at the freeway exit。TThe city has imposed traffic control, and vehicles can only leave and not enter。So, she had to get on the highway again and drive decisivelyHSave, she's going to Liu Yingjun, have a good fight。As for the rest, we'll talk about it later。


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