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Guizhou literature network || faith (outside four) empty valley secluded orchid

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2022-07-05    

I believe in a mountain

At a certain time

It'll go up like a balloon

Like a slight dust particle

It falls from the sky

The last snow of 2022

Those floating white clouds

Into a flock of solid colored sheep

Resting in a poem to be finished

Unfold one's imagination

They're in the process of slowly disappearing

Moisten the soil beneath you

But I definitely feel like

The last snow of 2022

Still biting cold

Pigeons flew over the treetops

She sat under the old banyan tree

The roots that let the banyan tree hang

I touched her white hair with a touch

She said she had black hair

It's the old banyan tree that touches white

Occasionally listen to her talk about the past

She just said there were no banyan trees in her hometown

Tall and straight poplars grow everywhere

When the wind blows, it rattles

A flock of pigeons

Flying over the head of the old banyan tree

She stared at them without blinking

Until there's nothing left in the sky

White clouds like the strands of her hair

夏   夜

Houses, roads

And these innocent trees

And spit out hot air as hard as he can

Force people

Can't hide to absorb

In spite of exhaustion

To no avail

Fortunately for the moment

The sky sent

A heavy rain

The bird refused to go away

Crabapple trees outside the window

There used to be a lot of birds

As the demolition progresses

Except for a bird with wings and a green beak

All the other birds flew away

This little bird

Sing one every morning as usual

A song that makes you feel good

In the evening, quietly

Listen to me talk about my messy life

The troubles that have been forcibly blessed to me

I was on the windowsill every day as usual

Put some millet and clean water

     About the author:Konggu Yolan, real name Tang Xianju, Miao nationality, Songtao Miao Autonomous County, Guizhou Province, love poetry, has published his works on paper and the Internet。Poetry view: Poetry writes about the human world。


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