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Guizhou literature net || dangling old woman (novel) He Jin

Source: Guizhou Literature Network Author: Founder Date: 2022-07-12    

Dangling Old Woman (Novel)

何 进 

    The bus stopped at Xingyi Road station and picked up an old woman in her seventies, wearing a face mask, a green velvet cheongsam, a pair of high-heeled shoes, and a wet tissue in her right hand。

    "Please care for the elderly!"After she punched in, the card reader said a word。A young man sitting in the "old, disabled, pregnant and young" seat turned his head out of the window。

    There were not many people in the car, and there were many empty seats。A rural woman with a child felt comfortable in her seat. She stood up to give up her seat to an elderly woman. A middle-aged man with glasses who was sitting behind the driver advised her, "Sit up!Watch out for the baby on your back。”

    As the bus moved on, the old woman said to the rural woman with a blank face, "I won't sit...Afraid to pick up the virus。"Said, with the car moving forward in the middle of the aisle, forward and backward, hands do not contact any objects, so that the whole car people's hearts are tight。

    A few people could not stand to see, have advised the old woman:

    "Sit down, old man!Take care to fall。”

    "Take a seat!What if something goes wrong?”

    "If there are many people, you can still protect your old age...Fewer people today。”

    "Yes!Hold on..."


    The old woman ignored everyone's advice and continued to dangle up and down the aisle。

    The middle-aged man with glasses whispered to the driver, "Master, you drive slowly and steadily!"The driver smiled ruefully and shook his head, "I understand...Met a lot of times。”

    A girl who looked like a junior high school student came forward and tried to take the old man to his seat。The old man's hand with the wipes pushed her hand away。

    "Grandma, take my seat!My seat is clean。”

    "No, no...I'm not sitting!This kind of public occasion, do not know how many viruses..."She seemed to say to the little girl, as well as to everyone on the bus, "Usually my grandson gives me a ride, but today he is on a business trip...I have to catch this stupid bus!"

    When the whole car heard this, they all bowed their heads and were silent。

    At the health club station, the old woman got off。She stumbled backward and went to the back door. The little girl ran up and helped the old man out of the car。The old man threw away the girl's hand several times, but the girl still firmly extended her hand again。

    The door closed, and the driver, like all the passengers, breathed a sigh of relief。The bus went on for a long way, and suddenly someone shouted, "Oh, the little girl shouldn't have got off at the previous stop!"She should be at the next stop。”

    The driver braked, paused, and the car moved slowly forward again。

    About the author:He Jin, male, bachelor degree in Chinese language and literature, began literary creation in the 1980s of last century。He has published dozens of novels, essays and poems in national publications。Member of Western China Prose Society, member of Guizhou Documentary Literature Association, director of "Young Writers", editor of "Guizhou Literature"。


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