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Guizhou Literature Net || Waterway (Essay) Li Jie

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Water Road (Essay)

李 杰


    First of all, it should be noted that the waterway mentioned here is not the one corresponding to the dry road, but refers to the road where my family goes to find water in order to solve the livelihood problem。

    It is difficult for people and animals to drink water in my hometown. I did not dare to talk about this topic everywhere in those years,For fear of affecting the image of my hometown, it also affects my image,While saying "manly,man,Why not have a wife?",But I was afraid that I really could not find a partner and turned,After all, it is a shameful thing!

    Because of the lack of a fixed and long-term water source point, the hometown has been more difficult for people and animals to drink water until now, and the villagers can only look for water everywhere in each household, and then buy water pipes from the mountain gully a few kilometers ago to solve the livelihood problem of the family。Apart from their own labor does not count, each family spends hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars。

    The so-called water point that the folks are looking for,Some are about a kilometer away from their homes,Some range from several kilometers,The water pipe leads from the ravine,Follow both sides of State Route 324 to your house,The two sides of National Highway 324 are covered with various styles and sizes of water diversion pipes - waterways,Line by line,It's hard to tell who's who。Sometimes suddenly the water pipe at home is not available, they will go from home along their own water pipe to the mountain gully several kilometers away to find the reason for the lack of water。Walking, because there are too many water pipes mixed together, one is not careful to look at the eyes, they do not know which one of their own water pipes is, so they have to go back to the home and start from scratch, it is a lot of effort。At the same time, these water pipes also represent the determination and perseverance of the villagers not to bow to the difficulties, and the mentality and courage to dare to overcome nature in order to survive, which may be said to be the effect of the hometown villagers to transform nature。

    But these waters are "looking at the sky water", the sky rains into the valley and then through the pipe to the home。Everyone can use water smoothly in the rainy season, but once the dry season is encountered, or the weather is dry, there is no water in the valley, and naturally there will be no water flowing through the pipe to the home。As a result, the people and animals in the hometown have problems in drinking water, so the people and animals have been troubled by the hearts of the villagers, is a piece of heart that everyone has been hanging and not solved, and often hurts the heart。

    I remember that night a few years ago, my brother in my hometown told me on the phone that the water in my home was cut off, and I had to prepare to find a water source from the mountain to bring water back。By the end of the week, I would go back to my hometown and go with my brother to the water source he suggested。Early that morning, after walking for about two kilometers along National Highway 324, we started walking toward the mountain road on the side of the highway。In recent years, with the continuous increase of rural economic income, the production and living conditions of the hometown continue to improve, everyone uses electricity for cooking, and no one goes up the mountain to cut wood, and the ecological environment of the hometown is getting better and better。So those who have been up the mountain because no one walks for a long time, has long been covered by weeds, shrubs, etc., and some places people walk inside even can not see people, so that people have been unable to identify where the mountain road。

    Therefore, we only rely on the hazy memory of childhood to find wood and cut grass, and estimate the approximate location of the mountain road in that year, groping up the mountain。Step by step toward the mountain, walking, I feel powerless, sweat has already climbed all over the face and wet clothes。I reached out to grab a tree, struggling to climb up, suddenly the tree broke, I "ah" a scream, the body involuntarily along the steep slope will roll down the mountain, in a hurry to catch, only to stop, but the hand came a heart-wrenching pain, legs and feet have been hanging on the edge of a cliff。After a close look, I found that my hand tightly grasped the thorn shed, several sharp thorns have already deeply into my palm。Fortunately, my brother, who was walking in front of me, heard my Shouting and came back quickly to rescue me, so that I could get out of the danger。

    "Remember to step on the foot firmly, the hand must grasp firmly, do not panic, walk slowly, pay attention to falling.。Also be aware that you may encounter snakes this season。My brother reminded me and took me up the hill again。With difficulty we made our way through the overgrown undergrowth and came to the pine forest, from which the needles had fallen like a carpet on the ground。"Pay attention to walking yo, this (pine needles) is also very slippery, do not pay attention to will fall Ha" my brother kept reminding me, I would carefully walk on the carpet made of pine needles。

    After almost an hour of mountain road, we finally reached the water point suggested by my brother。Just a little unexpectedly, that water source point has been used by others, I do not know who has used the water pipe from the water source point to lead away, my brother and I can only sit on the ground smiling and sighing。If we are like some other immoral people, we can use water pipes to draw water away from the upstream of this water source, but then there will be no water downstream, after all, this is also extremely unethical, it is estimated that it will cause unnecessary disputes with the downstream, create unnecessary contradictions, affect the unity of the neighborhood。

    So my brother and I decided we'd better look for water somewhere else。We climbed up a ravine,I realized it was dark inside,Towering trees and all sorts of nameless vines intertwine in the air,Naturally blocking out the sun,It was cool and quiet down there,A few rays of sunlight coming through the cracks shed some light on the bottom of the ditch,Making the bottom of the ditch seem still。A few birds danced among the vines, making a few calls from time to time, as if to comfort the panting us。

    When we were about to climb to the top of the mountain, we did not find the water point and sat down to rest, my brother and I did not speak, quietly enjoying the rare peace given by nature。Just then, we seemed to suddenly hear the sound of running water, coming from under a large rock not far away。However, the sound of water intermittently, a few minutes will suddenly sound, a few minutes later to a calm, a little Baotu Spring kind of taste。My brother and I excitedly came to the front of the big stone, with their hands to open the small stones and soil below, only to find that there is a stream of water flowing intermittently。So we decided to bring water from there。

    You can't wait to be quick。Fearing that someone else would beat us to it, we decided to drive to town at noon to buy plumbing。My brother and I have a division of labor, my brother and my father are responsible for buying water pipes in the city, and I am responsible for informing several old watches to help my home install water pipes, because my home is a few kilometers away from the water source, the distance is far and the project is large, we must call several old watches to help to complete。

    The installation of water pipes is also a more difficult way to live, we carried a circle of water pipes from the national Highway 324 line to the water source, and the hardships of the way are still deeply branded in the memory。Carrying the hose at the bottom of the ditch between the vines to climb step by step, not here is tripped wrestling, is blocked there can not go。Some places have to bend down to walk through the vines, and some places have to climb high vines to walk over the vines, so carrying the water pipe on the shoulder so high and low to climb up, and soon sweat will wet the clothes。Remember that there is a place, to climb a large SLATE, more than ten meters high, we have to shoulder the water pipe, the body is closely attached to the SLATE, with the foot in the SLATE gap, with the hand to grasp the SLATE gap, step by step on the gap up, a little do not pay attention to the hand did not grasp steady, or the foot did not step on the steady, will fall down。

    By the time the pipes were installed, the sun was setting and we went home for dinner。Because the water source is too small, coupled with a few kilometers away, when we finished dinner, we saw the water in the pipe at home。At that time, our elder Cousins were gathering together to play cards and drink wine to relieve the fatigue of the day。Drinking, everyone suddenly saw the water came, the day's hard work was not in vain, the face showed a satisfied smile。

    After the water pipe is pulled through, the daily maintenance of the water mainly depends on the younger brother。Once there is no water in the water pipe at home, my brother will follow the water pipe to find the reason for no water, it is very hard。I remember one weekend, my brother was not at home, and my mother, who was cooking breakfast, told me that there was no water in the pipe。I temporarily took up the task of inspecting the reasons for the lack of water, and followed the pipe up the hill to find it。Found that the water pipe along the 324 National highway has no leakage phenomenon, I began to look up the mountain along the water pipe, and carefully check what is the water leakage。

    I climbed up a weed-covered hill and worked my way through the pipe. As I walked, I found that the pipe had been cut off by someone with a knife and the water was gurgling into the grass。Look carefully, the original state-owned forest farm planted some trees here, the workers accidentally cut the water pipe in my home when cutting weeds。I immediately cut both ends of the cut pipe and connected the pipe with the joint I had brought from home。

    Later I told my wife that the water point is a bit like Baotu Spring, the water is always big and small, my wife was surprised, said that we must go to the water point to see what it is。To satisfy my wife's curiosity, I took her with me to the water source。

    It was a spring, we came to the water point of the ravine, step by step up the difficult, because of fatigue, my wife seemed to be discouraged。Walking along, he suddenly saw wild vegetables such as acacia peel, broken ear root, aunt vegetable, celery and so on in the ravine, and his wife immediately cheered like blood resurrection, and suddenly forgot the exhaustion of all the way to pick wild vegetables。We walked up while picking wild vegetables and unconsciously reached the water source。I asked my wife not to speak, calmly and quietly crouched down beside the big rock at the water source point, and listened attentively to the sound of the water flow when it was big and small。"It's strange, it's really strange!" Suddenly the wife cried out in surprise, as happy as a child。Perhaps it is to meet the curiosity of his wife's sake, coupled with the unexpected pick so many wild vegetables, we did not tire on the way home, walk all the way happy。

    Looking back, whenever I talk about the waterway in my home, it always hurts, but it also brings me a lot of warm memories。

    The author, Li Jie, works atHealth promotion center, Xingyi City Health Bureau, Guizhou Province


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